Number 34 – Let’s take a walk…


On 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th thought,
I like it right where it’s at!

Maybe it’s just me, Melissa, Jamie, and the country of Latvia on this one…

I mean after reviews like this one below, from, I think this might be a hard sell… Well, who needs a Kirby Vacuum? You can’t argue it’s not a great vacuum! Now whether you need it or not, well that might be another story;
“Ok, not the best way to start this album and honestly…I hate this song and it’s just a bunch of annoying noise. Somehow I’m sure there’s someone who’ll enjoy this song but I sure no I don’t. The only thing I find good on this song is the chorus but even that ain’t too great. 2/5…”

I know a lot of people look at the “Damn Yankees/Aerosmith” collaborations as something short of pure Aerosmith… Maybe the guys do too, I have no real clue. But I do know what I like, and I like this one a lot!

I try not to get too caught up in who wrote the songs, or who collaborated. I don’t take it that personal. Some people won’t like a “Marty” song or a “Mark” song because of some sort of mistaken sense of protection over the band, in regards to the drug scene they would be affiliated with. Then they just disregard really good songs, as in; if they liked the songs, they would somehow condone the relapses into addiction. And even further, they often remove the person’s individual responsibility, and blame it on the outside party…  I know, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me either, but it’s just the way some fan’s heads work…

I don’t go that deep. I think affiliations are a matter of personal choice, especially after you’ve traveled the same road so many times. Don’t get me wrong, I know addiction, and I know it’s a hard battle to fight, but if you keep inviting the same source inside, you’re not really fighting, are you?

More than that though, I am a fan of the music first! I fully believe in “Let the Music Do the Talkin’” When I first heard songs like One Way Street, and Somebody, and Movin’ Out. I didn’t know the names of the band members, and I certainly didn’t care who wrote the songs. What I did care about, was a sound that I would find myself in “lock step” with for the rest of my life. So if this band, or another, or these songwriters, or others would create that type of sound, I was on board.

I don’t care that Rufus Thomas wrote ‘Walkin’ the Dog’, or Tiny Bradshaw and Lois Mann wrote ‘Train’, or that Lennon wrote ‘Come Together’, and even more… This one here is an Aerosmith original recording! So go ahead… gimme Jack, gimme Tommy, gimme Tyler & Perry & and gimme a really good song!

The song was released in 1995 as the third single on 1994’s ‘Big Ones’ as one of only 3 new songs on a “Hits” type album from Geffen. Maybe the fans and critics wanted more, maybe they felt gypped in the quality of new stuff to come out. But come on, they just delivered with Pump and GAG! I don’t know, maybe the critics felt it was too soon after Pandora’s Box, to come out with another compilation album, but it seems to me, they judged this one a bit harsh.

I kinda’ like just how Aerosmith-y this song really is… It’s got that story telling type of song personality to it, a story with attitude. It’s got those two dueling guitars, its got that Super Strong hard backbeat bass and drum line, and of course, it’s got an amazing man on harmonica, in addition to using his voice as a 6th instrument in the song.

That my boy… IS AEROSMITH!

It only got as high as #16 on Mainstream Rock Tracks charts here in the U.S., but damn it soared in Latvia!!! Making it to #11.

It’s believed there was a video to the song made back in the day, but for whatever reason, it’s impossible to find the Mick Haggerty directed POV. Seems to be some kind of copyright thing… It’s cool. I think we’ll get the vibe from the audio…

I’m sure I’m alone with this one… Well, besides me and the whole country of Latvia, but I hope you like it…

“I never seen a smile that looked so sad
’cause you make me feel so good ’cause you’re so bad…”

“Hey little darlin’
Your love is legendary
Love’s four letters
Ain’t in my dictionary
‘Scuse my position
But it ain’t missionary
Yea… but I want to
Walk on the water wit’choooo…ah ah ah ah ah ah ooau…”

“When it comes to makin’ love I ain’t no hype… hea ha
A ’cause I practice on a peach most every night… yeah…”

“Hey little darlin’
your love is legendary
love’s four letters
ain’t in my dictionary
‘scuse my position
but it ain’t missionary
yeah, but I want to 

walk on the water with you… ah ah ah ah ah ah ooau…”


“Well, the cook’s in the kitchen
and hidin’ the spoons
I’m winking at witches
and howlin’ at the moon
I’m afraid of the candle
but live for the flame
you know who I am
but you don’t know my name…”

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