Joe Perry Rides Again!

Joe Perry knows all the moves. Here he gets feedback by angling his tiger-finish signature model Gibson Les Paul at a monitor. It’s a cool technique for making a 6-string howl without standing in front of an amp cranked up to 10.

It’s not every day you get to speak with a bona fide rock ’n’ roll legend—especially one with an encyclopedic knowledge of tone, gear, and the mechanics of groove—but we interviewed Joe Perry and, man, he delivered in spades.

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Joe Perry on Greg & The Morning Buzz

Boston Rock / Talk Podcast with Joe Perry     


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Stone Temple Pilots joined by Joe Perry, Johnny Depp at Pasadena concert

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS were joined by actor Johnny Depp and Joe Perry (AEROSMITH) on stage during their March 8 concert at The Rose in Pasadena, California. Depp came up at the end of the STP set for “Down”, the first single from the band’s fourth album, 1999’s “No. 4”, before Perry made an appearance for a cover of the AEROSMITH classic “Toys In The Attic” and the set closer, “Sex Type Thing”.  Continue reading Stone Temple Pilots joined by Joe Perry, Johnny Depp at Pasadena concert

Aerosmith History Day II 2018

After the great success of last year’s inagural Aerosmith History Day, with over 700 Aero-Heads in attendance, here comes the Aerosmith History Day II 2018!!
All of the same exhibitors of will be rejoining: Jonathan Robinson Aerosmith founder and guitarist, Raymond TabanoAnnie PerryMark BlairRich JohnsonDina Mummolo Warchal and Wendy Robinson Chaves Sisto, as well as two new collectors that I’m honored to include: Rob Phaneuf and Deb Formica! Another very special guest who will be attending will be David Scott, drummer with Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton in several pre-Aerosmith bands, The Pipe Dream, Plastic Glass and The Jam Band! Bigger displays, bigger venue, bigger fun!
Magazine archives, tour merchandise, t-shirts, posters, Crew and Band Tour Jackets, gold and platinum record awards, promotional materials, backstage passes & laminates and thousands of Aerosmith photos will all be on display for this great, two-day event!
This year’s event is only one of the many events and attractions that will be part of that weekend’s celebration of Sunapee’s Sestercentennial, our 250th Birthday!
Also that weekend, a special free concert by America’s premiere Aerosmith tribute band, Draw the Line! They’ll be performing at the Ben Mere Gazebo in Sunapee Harbor on Fri., Aug. 17, at about 6:30pm, followed by a huge fireworks display over the harbor.
The Aerosmith History Day II will take place at The Livery, located inside the old Sunapee Town Hall on Main St., the big, white barn at the top of the hill on your right as you enter the harbor.
The hours for Aerosmith History Day II 2018 will be:

  • Friday, August 17, from 11am to 6pm and
  • Saturday, August 18, from 10am – 4pm 

Copies of my Aerosmith Family Tree poster will again be available.
Please be aware that this will be a very busy weekend in our little town, meaning that parking will be challenging, but the weekend organizers will likely have shuttle buses running from parking lots around the town into the harbor.
For the listings of area lodging options:
The event is free, but donations are welcomed!

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Aerosmith History Day 2017

Monster Blaster Classic Rock review: Classic rock tuning from Joe Perry himself

TA-ratings-94We’ve seen what Monster can do with a boombox before. Alex was quite impressed with what he saw from the Superstar Monster Blaster back when he reviewed it. Monster is back with a brand new Monster Blaster, and this time they’ve partnered with Joe Perry to help tune a special Classic Rock setting on the speaker. Keep reading to see how the Monster Blaster Classic Rock edition performs in this full review.  Continue reading Monster Blaster Classic Rock review: Classic rock tuning from Joe Perry himself

Aerosmith Might Be Recording New Material On The Eve Of 50th Anniversary

Despite where your loyalties may lie as a fan, we all concede that there are a handful of bands that are true rock legends and Aerosmith is definitely up there among them. Created in the ’70s in Boston, MA, USA, the “Bad Boys from Boston”, as they are sometimes called, managed to catapult to superstar status by giving us rock gems like Cryin’, Crazy and the timeless classic ballad I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing.

Now, founding member Joe Perry says he wants Aerosmith to join forces again and record new material, so could this be what die-hard fans have been long waiting for?  Continue reading Aerosmith Might Be Recording New Material On The Eve Of 50th Anniversary

The Eddie Trunk Podcast – JOE PERRY

On this episode, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry dishes on ‘Sweetzerland Manifesto,’ an all new solo album that was produced by Johnny Depp and features all-star guest vocalists. The legend also discusses the future with Aerosmith and Hollywood Vampires, his relationship with Extreme vocalist Gary Cherone, working with his son, Terry Reid, and much more!


The Eddie Trunk Podcast

If You Wanted More Music From Aerosmith, Joe Perry Has Three Words For You…

Joe Perry Gets Real

Ever since Aerosmith announced that they would be embarking on their farewell tour, reports have been rather mixed on whether or not Aerosmith will continue to write and record music. Some band members have said yes, others have said no, and now we’re all just too confused to decipher a definite answer from the band. To make things worse, Joe Perry was asked about this and gave an even more vague answer…

In a recent interview with SiriusXM, Joe Perry opened up about the possibility of creating a new Aerosmith album. Here is what he had to say…

“I don’t know if we have time to do a whole record, but Steven Tyler and I have talked about getting together and at least throwing some stuff out before we start up again. It’s really about the tempo and the schedule. Obviously, we’ve slowed down somewhat from how we used to tour, but anything’s possible. I don’t know yet.”

“Everybody’s vibe is we’d like to have some new material. But we’ve got so many songs that we haven’t played in so long, and other songs that we’ve never played, so there are a lot of things to come into consideration when you talk about a new record. Sometimes I think about, ‘What’s the point?’ We’ve got all these songs that we’ve already written that have been on these albums that we’d love to play that no one’s ever heard before. And I certainly love recording, and I could see it happening.”

I guess at this point, like I say time and time again, time will tell. Personally, I think one last great record from Aerosmith would be a great way to cap off their stellar multi-decade career, but that’s just me…

By Daily Rock Box