Number 92 – No Apprehension, to Give my Attention to a Song Ready to Receive a Pension

Some songs make onto lists like these, even though, in my opinion, they probably shouldn’t make it.. At least not anymore anyway. Some songs should probably just fade away into retirement, ride off into the sunset… You know, like that old Cowboy from days of old…. Maybe just bring it out once in a great while for a special live event. Or maybe hand it off to a newer group trying to find their way. I mean after all, that’s how this 1 got here in the first place. Continue reading Number 92 – No Apprehension, to Give my Attention to a Song Ready to Receive a Pension

Number 91 – Follow Me People, but Don’t Forget To Put a Dollar in the Hat

Self explanatory… Been going on for milleniums.

I love Joe’s screaming guitar, Tom’s heavy Bass line, and Joey’s lead with the High Hat followed by a hard and heavy rhythm…

So many people see this one differently. Probably not a bad thing really. I mean isn’t that what music should be? An interpretation of the listener? Continue reading Number 91 – Follow Me People, but Don’t Forget To Put a Dollar in the Hat

Number 90 – Don’t Make Me Beg Baby, Its Not Good For Your Heart

Love this song… But it’s often misunderstood by “us” novices, even by me. My original thoughts were that it had something to do with quitting drugs, and the mistakes made by doing them. It’s easy to make that connection, and since it was the time when they really were getting clean it made sense. Who knows? Maybe that was Tyler’s and Joe’s, and Jim’s (Valence) connection. Continue reading Number 90 – Don’t Make Me Beg Baby, Its Not Good For Your Heart

Number 89 – What a mess! What a “Hot Fucking Mess”!

Like Liquid Sugar… Pour It On!

And this is an awesome spot for it!

I’m not gonna put much down on this, just because of the time of day, but damn if this don’t deserve a spot. Maybe for nothin’ more than “another” defining Aerosmith song! This song is all about “sliding’, and ‘slipping”, and “moaning” ‘licks”… on guitars…

Where was your head goin’? Ah ha!!!! And of course, that signature IN YOUR FACE sexual innuendo to the “Umpth” degree!

Can’t believe anyone could ever leave this one out of a list like this. Maybe it was an Honorable Mention once, but with my personality… This one should be obvious…

Let’s go back to before the split…

Let’s go back to 1979. Let’s go back to High School… You knew her! I knew her… And I did everything I could to know her better, ‘deeper”. A few come to mind with this song, but I’ll just remember back to Kelly Fleer (the name is changed to protect the guilty)… Man O’ Man what a blast that girl was!!! And so very dangerous too….  Even at the very young age of what, 15? My kinda girl! At least for few months…

I met Kelly my senior year in high school, Santa Rosa, CA 1979, I think… Not even sure how, or when I met her, but it’s certain I’ll never forget her. Maybe it was one of the many parties I had at my apartment, which I shared with Mitch and Kenny and Kenny’s bullshit-bitch girlfriend, back then. Yeah, I was in High school and lived on my own. Not sure that was ever the right way to grow up, but there were plenty of things that were right about it. And Kelly was one of them. Continue reading Number 89 – What a mess! What a “Hot Fucking Mess”!

Number 88 – It’s About Time to Recline With a little Lime in My Brine…

It’s about time, for some recline…
with a little lime, in my brine…

Kind of a “ trip”
Not sure this one was even in my top 100 last year???
I have one thing that says it was 88, another that says it was an “H.M.”
Who knows? Sometimes I kinda’ think I’m brain dead Continue reading Number 88 – It’s About Time to Recline With a little Lime in My Brine…

Number 87 – We’re The World’s Best Garage Band…

Don’t be late on the countdown to a
very important date
This one wasn’t even near my list last year…

Maybe because, I just don’t really think they ever “owned” it. I don’t mean that in a business or property sense, I mean that in a pride sense…

As Joe says; they are, and always have been America’s Best and most successful “Garage Band” ever.

Garage bands cover great songs, that’s what they do. But what makes a band really stand out is when they can do a cover, better than the originals did it. IE: Come Together, Milk Cow, Walkin’ The Dog, even Train… The boys definitely do this one well, Shit! Better than “well”, they do it great, just not sure if it’s better than the original. I don’t know, maybe it is to everyone but me. But that would be hard to believe, because I was never a “huge” fan of the original artists, like everyone else was… I was in Camp “Stones”, but I will agree with some people’s opinions that the key writer of this song wrote THIS SONG for bands such as Aerosmith to take it, and run with it. Continue reading Number 87 – We’re The World’s Best Garage Band…

Number 86 – Are You Payin’, or Are You Chargin’? Or Are You Just Rakin’ in The Profits?


Depends on your P.O.V. I guess, but If you know what the song’s about you might just change your opinion…

Here we have another “last choice” of songs to make it onto vinyl.

This one’s from their first 2nd chance.

You spend enough time in “Hell’s Kitchen”, or San Francisco’s Tenderloin District, you’re bound to take in some of the sights. Steven has never hidden his affection for the seedy side of life. Seedy in some people’s eyes, savory in others. Like I said, it depends on your POV. Steven has always been kindred to the hookers who give a lot, but don’t ask for much. Maybe because of the real time he’s spent with those trying to survive, he gets their plight without judgment. I’m not sure my opinions differ much either. I mean for a large part of my life, it seemed like just as honorable a profession as so many others who might wear a suit and tie, or even a uniform and a badge. Continue reading Number 86 – Are You Payin’, or Are You Chargin’? Or Are You Just Rakin’ in The Profits?

Number 85 – Fun While It Lasted, But I’m Kinda’ Hopin’, Were Past It…


Son, you’re at ‘No’ right now, it can’t get any worse, but just imagine where it could go from there…”

There’s only a couple reasons why I have this one higher than “Thighs”, and none of them are because I think it’s a better song. Some of the reasons may have to do with what this song did for the band, or any of the other reasons might be because there’s no way it can be misinterpreted. Maybe because of the raunchy sophomoric style in which it’s written but, make no mistake about it, this is the real deal.

Any guy out there that has a past, worth writing about, even if it should never be published, or even if it won’t be read by anyone, knows this story… Maybe not the same exact details, but it might not necessarily be the elevator… It could have been the restaurant, the theater, the city park… Now of course, there’s has to be a girl, a woman, or ‘women’ that were ready, willing, and able to play the part. I mean it really does help. And “thank god for her!” the trick is finding that girl, and then knowing she’s all for it, and then some… Timing is everything… Continue reading Number 85 – Fun While It Lasted, But I’m Kinda’ Hopin’, Were Past It…

NUMBER 84 – How Much Are You Willing to Give?


Went lookin’ the hive
And all I found was something a bit contrived,
But in my opinion, worth the drive

Stay with me here…

I had a hard time with 84… I looked deep, for something that fits. There aren’t many velvet gloves at this end of the hit list. I thought about “Wham Bam”, but speaking of contrived… Then I thought more… and in order to be me, as contrary as my personality is at times, I thought it’s best to be real, more than obscure… Not that obscurity isn’t known to me, or these guys. We both know the term, and do our best to stay away from it. So rather than pull an “out-take” like “Ain’t Enough”, I thought this might be a good spot for a change of pace like “Painted On My Heart”. Besides, I really do like the song more than most of what’s below it…

We all, remember our 1st kiss, at 9 years old… or 16, or 32 whatever works for you. But my point is, even if the 1st kiss you got was with your 12th boyfriend or 1st girlfriend, it’s a kiss that leaves a mark. Sometimes it’s a good mark, sometimes it’s a bad mark, but the good or bad isn’t the point. The point is that, there are people throughout our lives that make an impression. An impression that we look back on, and wonder what course might have been taken, if we had never met her, or him. Or, what course would life have taken if they were the last one, and even better yet, when they are the last one… I think Kary can relate to that last thought.

This one is difficult to write, because undoubtedly, it will create a sense of wonder for many. It’s not meant, for me at least, to be as melancholy as the song actually is. I decided to look at it from a different view. To hear it in the sense that nothing invested is ever wasted. At this stage of my life, I try to look at life’s loves as part of the ‘Handbook”. To look at them, as the very make up of who we are. Some people get hurt by past relationships, I try my best, as my daughter Cristina and I have talked often, to have a different thought… That is to be proud of how far you were willing to go, how much you were willing to give, and what someone was willing to give you. And with that, to welcome where you currently are. To hold onto that, if nothing else…

We all look back, we all wonder… And we all smile. The comfort is in knowing, and giving your love to the one you’ve chosen. And if you’ve chosen not to love again, then do it with the pride that it was your decision to make, but in no way regret where you were capable of going. Without that courage, what would you know?

Aerosmith recorded a version of the song for the movie Gone In 60 Seconds. There haven’t been many full out-take sessions that have been either released or discovered, or bootlegged from these guys. There’s been a ton of fakes, but only a few of the real thing. This one was released from the 2002 Maui sessions for the movie, along with “Oxygen”, which isn’t bad either, but maybe just a bit too much “Girls Of Summer:” I guess the producer wasn’t sold on the band’s effort. Not saying it was a mistake, just sayin’…. Whatever, they didn’t write it anyway. This was another Diane Warren, tear puller. So, with all of that said, I can’t get totally behind a song that the band never got totally behind. Besides doesn’t Miss Warren already get enough attention?

Fuck it, after all that, let’s go get another #84!!! I just can’t do “Painted on my Heart” here…

I can’t find much on this one, so I’m just gonna’ “Let The Music Do The Talkin’”
I love the feel…

I’d like to say; the 1st time I heard this was “Day on The Green” in Oakland, CA in 1978, but I couldn’t even remember my name that day… so let’s just go with Pandora’s Box, and to be honest, it wasn’t my “thang” when I did hear it. At least not for awhile, but being the “seasoned” fan that I am, and a life long Blue Army Soldier, Sometimes you have to let it bleed in. I get it. This is just who they are in their blood. It’s where they came from.

First recorded by Otis Rush in ’58 as one of those early Chicago Blues records, it lives on with true Blues musicians like John Mayhall & The Bluesbreakers, which of course Joe, Brad, and Steven give their hearts, and yes… their souls too.

The original, Otis Rush version actually has, of all people, Ike Turner as the 2nd guitarist… hmph, imagine that! And then, one of their idols, especially Joe… Peter Green says a lot of his influences came from this song, and used the same groove to write the classic “Black Magic Woman

Gary Moore, and Stevie Ray Vaughn are two of the better performers I’ve heard do this one, and this may not be the best version of the song I’ve ever heard, but I like it right here at 84. I like that Aerosmith knows who they are, and where they came from… this is the “tete” they were weened on?

Anyway back to this one… I hope you like it. I believe that the loves of our lives, are the bricks that built the houses that hold our hearts now.

Went lookin’ the hive
And all I found was something a bit contrived,
But in my opinion, worth the drive

Hope you like it
This is “All Your Lovin’



Number 83 – Maybe He Already Came Back and No One Noticed


Trippy song here… Great lick by Brad! “bout time it’s get some play, right? Brad told Rolling Stone that he’d been playing with it for a bout 15 years or so. He says he picked it up playing with the guys from the Jimmy Hendrix Experience, and tried to emulate the great Albert King’s style of blues play… I think he did a great job! Love the licks in this song. You can also hear kind of a “borrow” from Toys within. The band even recorded the lick as a demo, and jammed with it quite a few times over those years, but it just never found a home… At least until the session for MFAD were underway… Continue reading Number 83 – Maybe He Already Came Back and No One Noticed