Joe Perry at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp, Toronto

Joe Perry was in Toronto this past weekend as part of theRock & Roll Fantasy Camp. Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp is camp for adults who love rock & roll. Regular people on stage with rock stars, jamming, writing, recording and performing. Toronto Camp counsellors included David Hull of The Joe Perry Project, Sass Jordan, Lawrence Gowan, Mark Clarke of Uriah Heep and Billy Squier, Gary Hoey – top 100 all-time guitarists, Nick Cantanese of Black Label Society, Bumblefootof Guns N’ Roses, Joe Vitale – Crosby, Stills & Nash, The Eagles Road Band.

Joe Perry joined the band for an amazing, up close performance. Afterwards bands, made up of camp participants, got their chance to perform on the stage atToronto’s Phoenix Theatre. 

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The meaning behind the pictures…


The following is a letter I handed to Joe, along with a few other writings… The discussion you see the pics, is this letter…

October 16th, 2014


I hope you don’t mind…
I’m sure you get millions of people who just want your attention for a bit, and that’s hard. Yeah, I’m a huge fan, but I also have tremendous respect for your privacy, and private life. I don’t want to take superficial time for my own joy. So with that said, I just wanted to give you a few things. Keep them, share them, toss them, whatever you wish, I just ask if you wouldn’t mind taking a look.


The picture is from a hiking trip that my, 17 year old daughter, Natalie and I took this summer, just outside of Yosemite. It’s close to where we live. We do these things a lot. The point of the picture is the lyrics on it. At one time in my early life, these lyrics meant exactly what they were written about. Now later in life though, they mean something entirely different… I can appreciate where you’ve been, and better… where you’ve been since.
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