HM – It’s The Calm Before the Storm


Honorable Mention


Another song that just can’t find its way onto the Top 50, but absolutely is worth mentioning

There are no words
There’s nothing to say
It doesn’t have a spot in my countdown
It doesn’t have a place to be

It just is

It’s a feeling in sound
It’s the pause between exchanges in conversations
It’s not a good mood
It’s not bad…

It just is

It’s the exhaustion after what was
It’s the excitement before what will be
It’s a moment of brief thought
Thought not conveyed…

It just is

It’s the hello, but nothing else said
It’s so much said,
But maybe it should have just been hello…

It just is

It’s a glance on the street
It’s a glance caught…
It’s the calm before the storm…
It’s what’s left after the storm has passed

It’s the middle

I hope you like it
There’s really nothing to say

I love when Joe and tom do this one as a lead in to just about anything…

And Steven knows just what to add, almost nothing, but just enough…

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