Honorable Mention – What Kind of Drug is Your Love?


Honorable Mention
What Kind of Love is Your Drug?


Need to figure this out,
It gets a bit sorted,
Before someone screams and shouts

Originally marked as 39, now an HM???

What songs do you leave out?
What songs do you leave in?
How do you do it?
Where do you start?
What if there are two different versions of the same song, how does that work out?
What if one of these versions strikes your very soul, but the other is just awesome?…

And what if, you get down to the Top 40, and after all the songs you listened to, over, and over, and over,… and over again, more than any human should, let alone any fan ever would subject themselves to, and then… in that Top 40 you look at your list, you listen again, to what was number 39 and you say to yourself; “Self, Really!!?? You put this song ahead of ‘No, More, No More’?!?!”  “Self, you can’t fucking do that!

So what do you do? It’s good! It’s really good, but it’s not Top 40! You can’t go back and re-do it! So, what do you do?… You reach, you reach deep to find the gem, “Within the Diamonds”, you create what your list needs to set it apart from anyone else’s… And that will come, I guarantee you…. that will come! It will surprise your readers, not just once, but twice…

But still, you have what was once number 39, and now 38 becomes 39, and 37, becomes 38, and so on… But what do you do with something that made the list, but is so far in the wrong place, that it can’t be moved?

You simply honor it as a Really Good Song without a spot. Hmm, maybe I wasn’t alone in thinking this. The song didn’t make it onto Nine Lives, although I’m not sure it deserved to be taken off. My opinion; It’s probably better than at least 3 of the songs on that record, maybe even 4, or more… Let’s remember there weren’t 13 songs from Nine Lives that made it onto this list, but this one did? I don’t know, maybe it’s just me…

Maybe it was just a bit too poppy. Maybe it was just a bit too much Jack Blades and Tommy Shaw. Maybe there was a plan already to use it somewhere else. Maybe it was production and Columbia saying, “No! We need more ballads, less rock N Roll!”… I honestly don’t know, but if it’s me, this one should have been on the record. Besides if it was Tommy and Jack having to much influence, well it’s not like the band hasn’t done that before..

The song came out with the Blockbuster Movie, “Armageddon” starring, Liv, Ben Affleck, and Bruce Willis. Columbia released the song as a promotional single to the soundtrack album of the movie, immediately shooting up to #4 on the Mainstream Rock Charts. With only 3 songs on Nine Lives doing better than this one on the charts, it still leaves me baffled, but none-the-less, it’s NOT better than “No More, No More”, it’s not better than “Deuces”, it’s not better than “Janie”…

So, please enjoy a really good song, worthy of a Top 100 spot, but its real spot has already passed, so until next time, I’ll mention it honorably…

I love the sharp reverb type effects that Joe uses as a signature lick in this one, or maybe it’s Brad, I really don’t know, but damn I love the tempo in this one… Maybe it’s both of them dueling back and forth, but I love it! I love the energy Joey slams into the drum kit! Tom’s bass line is heavy, strong, and fast! Steven’s vocals in this one are as good as any song he’s ever sung… the range, the story telling, the laughter, the primal screams as only he can do.  The harmonies, whether it be hired, or within, are so in tune, so perfect. Yeah, it might be a bit “poppyish”, but damn, this one rocks too!

Anyway, I hope enjoy another HM, 3:15 of pure energy!
Have fun. This one, by far, does not get enough play!

Everybody talkin’ ’bout what it is what it ain’t
Kiss on the devil and ya piss off a saint
But it can’t be love if you don’t have to crawl
You say you don’t need nothin’ but you got to have it all…”

“Well… when Jack took Jill up that hill
She charged his ass a quarter
Well… he flipped his lid uh ’cause what she did
Aw… she shouldn’t hadn’t oughta
Oh… ha ha ha ha ha haaa…”

“Rockin’ in the cradle with a high school vamp
Screamin’ and hummin’ like an old tube amp
Up down sideways goin’ in and outta phase
Everybody ask me why I kiss the girls and make them cry…”

This is; “What Kind of Love are You On?”

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