Joe Perry On How His Memoir Differs From Typical Rock Tell-Alls

Perry, who participated in the writing of the 1997 Aerosmith band biography “Walk This Way,” doesn’t pull any punches in the book, but he tells us he wanted it to be more than just a collection of his lurid rock ‘n’ roll stories:

“One thing I didn’t want it to be was the usual sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll — band starts off, y’know, playing clubs, works hard, struggles, starves, somehow lucky enough to make it to a certain level and they continue and surviving through…the 70s and then completely falling apart and then coming back together and then having the kind of success…we’ve seen all that, the VH1 ‘Behind the Music’ thing, a million times. We lived it…That’s in there. I certainly talk about those things and how it impacted us, but I wanted it to be more about the reasons why and some of the dynamics that are common just to be human, to human nature, and how people deal with each other, especially when they’re kind of working within the family of choice as opposed to blood relatives and how we managed to make it work and kind of go our separate ways as grown men and having families and how we want to raise our kids and all that, but still have this common bond.”

“Rocks” was co-written with David Ritz and makes Perry the third member of Aerosmith, after frontman Steven Tyler and drummer Joey Kramer, to publish an autobiography. Perry begins a 14-date book-signing tour today in New York City.


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