Number 21 – You Wanna Come With Me?

Close Your Eyes, 
You’ll See…

When I started this book 100 days before the 2015 Tahoe Concert, I can think of a 100 things going at the time, and even over the course of the past few years, that helped this one climb up my list…

 I don’t expect this one to be much higher than 82 on anyone else’s list, but for me personally, it gives me a message,
and something that I continue to strive for

Whether it was Police violence, or a group of people using someone else’s valid plight against brutality, as their own excuse to loot and riot without a cause, it makes one question what’s really going on.

Or, whether it was a group of gun hungry banshees, rallying around a millionaire rancher against a very small group of government workers ordered to confiscate property by the District Supreme Court. Whether it be these same self titled “Militia”, who took up arms against Americans with families, and bullied their very young children in school, or whether it be about the seemingly new reprisal of racial tensions in the country, or the plight of the homeless in my hometown where police destroy their only habitat, because some don’t like them walking by their street to get to their tents along the bank of the river, all  because it invades their comfort zone, a lot has happened over the course of a few years time, that keep this one up on high for me.

I like to consider myself an excellent judge of character. I like to trust, rather than not. 9 times out of 10, I’m gonna’ offer someone my assistance, where others won’t. However, with that said, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been wrong many, many times… Still, I’m gonna’ give someone who I don’t know, the benefit of the doubt every single time, at least twice. I believe strongly in 2nd chances. I believe strongly in innocence. I believe strongly in learning a man’s story before casting judgment. I’m not saying I’m immune to judging. I’ll admit upfront we all do it every single day.

There’s a saying I use often that helps me justify my thoughts, or even actions in a way of disapproval, resulting in a negative opinion of others; “I’m not judging, I’m just forming a pretty damn good opinion based on the information your putting out there”’, and there’s the one I learned from my own kids; “hey, don’t judge me for judging”. The truth is, we all do it on a daily basis, whether we realize it or not. I think the key though, is to do exactly that; realize it. And then ask yourself; was that fair, what do you really know about these people?

We’ve all seen “The People of Wal-Mart” pictures and videos, and we’re all guilty of negative reactions to them, but how many of us stop and ask ourselves; “Does she have a thyroid issue?” “are those the only clothes he owns?” “Is she that big, because frankly the food that is good for her, is out of her budget?” Or any number of legitimate reasons for people’s plights?

I’m not trying to bleed your heart all over the floor here, just asking how much we really know about others’ conditions. I’m also not trying to say that maybe they didn’t necessarily  put themselves in these situations by making bad choices, but I’m asking for some to realize that we don’t all get the same decisions, same choices in life to make.

In this country alone, not to mention so many others, religion plays a role as in the Angels that we all need, but also plays the Devil’s hand with the hypocrisy many exude. So, I ask the question; how would the world look, if we could not see? How would we react to what some may look like, or even act like at times, if we weren’t capable of forming an opinion visually?

Truth is, we do have eyes, most of us anyway, so back to the choices people make… do we choose to judge without knowledge? Or do we choose to trust first? The reality is it’s usually somewhere in the middle, at least I hope so. However, if you’re still at one extreme or the other, you may want to ask a Blind Man about what he can help you perceive… He might just teach you something.

Then again, with all that said, let’s look at the simple idea, of just taking another look at who, and what you got in life. Instead of seeing what’s wrong with your relationships, try to take a look at what’s right in your relationship. This is another lesson I personally continue to learn on an almost everyday basis. For a man who tends to create a lot of his own issues and problems in life, it’s a really good idea, to look at your partner in life, and instead of asking what the hell is wrong, It’s sometimes a lot better to ask yourself; what the hell is right…  In my case, I’m damn glad she was blind to so many things, and eyes wide open to others…

The song was written in ’94 by Steven and Joe, and Taylor Rhodes, as a new track for another compilation album. And in my humble opinion, if I’m gonna’ listen to ballad, this might be at the top of my list on any given day. Obviously it was as low as 82 a few years back. It’s probably not a song you’ll ever hear live again, as it seems to have been retired from any potential set lists since the GAG tour.

Although we see this song as a message of looking for the good in people when they may not show it, it can easily be turned around, and give you the usually very hard lesson to learn in life, being that not all that looks rosy is rosy. Don’t be gullible; don’t be blind to those that would just assume see you fall. So again, we have Steven “The Master Contrarian”, in such an upbeat, and fun way, asking you to just take a look through a different pair of sunglasses.

Joey admits that video for the song directed by Callner is his least favorite overall, but I have to say, if you can get Pamela Anderson in for a cameo, it can’t be all bad, besides it does really look like at least Steven’s having a good time.

Some have said it has a lot do with being sober after such a long period of dependency, that Steven sees things, not before seen. I don’t know if it’s that simple. There’s another story floating around that the idea for the song came from a guy who had a really bad car accident. The guy’s vision was really bad shape, who happened to know a lawyer for Aerosmith, and because of his own troubles from the accident, he was able to help this lawyer who was going through some tough times of his own, and as a result of the lawyer coming out okay, the attorney gave Steven the idea for the lyrics. True or not, it makes for a good story. confuses me a bit in their review of the song, starting it off as not such a good review, but then giving 4 out five stars? “A let down after many great songs, “Blind Man” never really captures the mood it’s trying to get and seems like Aerosmith was trying to copy their success of “Amazing”. That being said, it ain’t too bad of a song and the lyrics; “Until I met a blind man, who taught me how to see”, always find a way to please my ears. 4/5

Indulge me in what might be your #82, as the ballad I’d rather hear over IDWMAT any day of the week….

“I took a course in Hallelujah 
I went to night school for de blues 
I took some stuff they said would cool ya… hea ha 
But nothing seemed to light my fuse 

But it’s all in the past 
Like a check that’s in the mail 
She was a tall whiskey glass 
I was an old hound dog 
That just loved to chase his tail…”

This is; “Blind Man”

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