Number 23 – Slide On Over Baby,


Slide on over Baby,
I got somethin’ to show ya’

Okay some more changes, to “this year’s” list. This song was only an honorable mention, but the more I hear it, and the more I can’t wait to hear it live, and see this man play it, it earns a well respected spot in the Top 25. So, that leaves me with another surprise to create… Hmmm… What will it be? I guess we’ll have to let it play out, and see where it goes.

And with this move, the universe is now on balance… The following song though, whether it be a top 20, or just outside of that honor, I’m sure its worthy of a top 10 selection somewhere in this world, especially JP fans, and of course the fans that truly understand what this song means.

As with most Aerosmith songs, there’s always a double entendre. So with this one it’s all on the time of history that it was written, that gives me the opinion of it that I have.

The song was taken off of Night in the Ruts. Being the album that Joe left the group in the middle of making, it never really had its time. However, being that Joe brought the riff in to use on the record, it was an “Aerosmith” song. The group decided to not use the whole song, as it really was 100% Joe Perry, but it was good enough to use a piece of it on a song that was all about “raunch” and sex and nasty… “Cheesecake”.
It’s my thought, that Joe never used it with his Joe Perry Project, because he really wanted nothing more to do with it, other than disassociate himself from Aerosmith.

After the band reunited, the themes of each of the albums and musical directions that the band was travelled in, never really gave the song an avenue to make it onto an album, at least not yet. So as the years went by, we would often hear this lengthy intro to a song off of “Ruts”, but we would never hear the song it was associated with. It was Joe’s 5 minutes in the spotlight before his staple Draw the Line solo, but it never had a title, and the song that it was attached to was never played. The song continued though, to grow with each performance. And the fans were loving it!

Then in 1991 Aerosmith released the 3 disc box set called Pandora’s Box. On disc 3 the song received, at least on common knowledge, a title. The title of the song relates to Joe” s love for slide guitar, but the SONG!!!… The song was more than just slide guitar. It was a rhythm, a move, it was a state of mind, a mood, it was an experience that was uniquely Aerosmith, it is in essence seduction in sound. A sound that has defined this group since “Toys”.adams11

This particular song is the sound of a sexual experience above others, not just some kind of “Fuck Frenzy”, and not just making “Sweet Love”. It’s the rhythm and sound of an experience. An experience to take your time with, to mix it up, to find a balance between two people not rushing what is so good. Joe is masterful in the creation of this rhythmic work of art. My only drawback to it is that it’s not long enough. So if you haven’t used this one as background music, I would suggest that you do, However, try to get it to loop because it is that good!

This song is not the Doors version. Its starts out slow and deliberate, then slowly builds up steam, but never too fast, always returning to a rhythm that is both comfortable, and at a pace just this side of frenzy. Wanting to go there, but never losing control, but so loose that control is the last word you would use to describe the song. The song takes you “To the other side”. There are no words. It’s not necessary. This is Joe’s performance; this is Joe’s way of making love to his music. This is Joe’s way of showing you the sensuality of what, and who Aerosmith is, outside of what is known in lyrics. It’s his way of saying; Sure our songs are sexual in nature, but they also have a sensuality to them that is often overlooked.

I hope you really like my number 22, It is truly one of my All Time favorites. I can play this one over and over and over again a few more times. If you’re lucky, or just up for it, I hope that you can too! And if you hear this one this year, let it enter you. Let it fill your veins, feel the excitement for what this…

Steven will seduce you with lyrics, Joe will seduce you this…


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