Number 27 – What’s Goin’ On Over There? I’m a little Curious…


What’s goin’ on over there?
Honey, let’s find out…

Was the album Toys #2? Maybe it was, with its sexual focus, and success. It seems almost every song has a sexual undertone, or even overtone for that matter. Why not? Sex sells, right?

The music for this song was written by Jim Valance, with the lyrics written by Tyler in ’89, and released in 90, but the group would eventually give some credit to Holland-Dozier-Holland, after they sued Aerosmith because of it’s similarities to “Standing In The Shadows of Love”. Personally, I don’t see it, or hear it at all, except for a small similarity in the opening tempo chorus, but the rest of it isn’t even close. Did they sue the writers of “I’ll Be There”, because of a tiny tempo similarity in that song also? Everyone wants a seat on the bus….

Aerosmith received the 1990 MTV Award for Best Rock Video for the song, which was taped on location throughout The South. If you’re wondering who the dude with the long beard, and glasses is, the one in the wedding dress in the video, that’s John Kalodnar. The wedding dress get up, was originally for “Dude”, as a private joke because he almost always seems to wear white. John was (now retired) Chief Executive to David Geffen’s new (at the time) label Geffen Records. He might be better known through the industry as the man with the Midas touch, though.

The records, groups, and people he’s worked with went on to achieve phenomenal successes. He was Chief Executive in charge, and/or at least heavily involved in albums, from the likes of Cher, Santana, Journey, Heart, Iron Maiden, Ted Nugent, and the Black Crowes, Jimmy Page, Sammy Hagar, and Whitesnake, among many others. He was also instrumental in getting songs onto the soundtracks of the movies Footloose, and Top Gun, and we all know the successes there, not to mention the success of television’s “RockStar INXS” competition, which also helped launch that group’s own resurgence. With Aerosmith’s phenomenal success in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s he decided to follow the guys back to Columbia in the 90s, to try and close out his career. And what a career it was!

Back to this album, and this song though…
The album “Pump” gave the group 4 Top 40 tunes on Billboard’s Top 100, only to be repeated one more time with their next album “Get A Grip”. An extraordinary feat in itself! This song though, is my number 28!

I / we often ponder meanings of songs. But I think the reality is that sometimes in modern Rock n Roll, and even pop, there isn’t always a deep meaning. I think sometimes it’s 4:07 seconds of attention towards a phrase, or a verse, or an independent thought. Maybe that’s why songs are so short, but I wouldn’t be me, if I didn’t at least give it a try, right?…

I’m gonna’ go right against the majority of the people who know the phrase , that is the title of the song; those people who believe that it means the afterlife, or Heaven or Hell. There’s obviously many other meanings of the phrase. We’ve all heard of the phrase “The Other Side of Life”, or “The Other Side of morality”, or “he or she plays on the Other Side of the Fence”, or “He’s from the Other Side of the Tracks”… So with this one, the lyrics, the tempo, and verses take the listener all over the place, from a relationship of two people that just never seem to be on the same track at the same time, to wanting out because she (or he) can’t make up their mind. At one minute they love, the next they hate….“My mother told me there’d be day’s like this”….But I think it’s more than that even…

“The Other Side”… it, to me at least, is about a relationship created from lust, and it was AWESOME, and it was HOT, and it was NASTY! (The Other Side)

It’s great to be with someone you could go there with, and then a thing called “Love”, as good as it is, changes everything. They love each other, but in different ways, she no longer wants to be the Jezebel that first caught his eye, and heart, she doesn’t want to be the “bait” anymore. She wants to be beloved for other reasons and talents. He’s like; “Wait! I fell for you, don’t go changing the game now…” They both need what’s real to them. It’s just what’s real to the two of them, are very different things. I think it’s about staying honest with who you are. At least that’s what I get from it…

But then again, like I said earlier, it might just be a bunch of words on paper about a sexual phrase that is nothing more than 4 minutes and 7 seconds of “ADHD”…

The song is powerful. It has a groove in it that you just want to move to. You can’t listen to it with the volume low. Its tempo is demanding, yet pleading, such a fun song! The video shows a time in the band’s history, of nothing but a good time! It also gives us a Joe Perry solo that is absolutely identifiable as; Just Fucking Joe! It sometimes gets lost in the song itself, but listen again, and turn it up. It has that Joey Kramer intense hitting, making you feel every beat! I may have this one higher on the list than most would ever consider, but I’m sure that’s from my interpretation of what it’s about. I’ve heard, and heard people’s thoughts of it as an avenue out of the drug life, and I get that with the reference of “Love as a drug”, I’ve also heard people relate it to some sort of religious experience. I will agree with that one in a sense, but not in any “God-Like” reference. No, to me, this simply Aerosmith! This is who, and what they are from beginning to end. This is about a “Different Kind of Love”!  This is the one your mama warned you about.

I know the story well; “You love me, you hate me”… One or the other and often both at the same time.
Have you ever been to the other side? Have you ever wanted to go?

Great sound, great beat. Literally one of the band’s very best of all time. I really like this stage of their careers when they were so open to new ideas, and the influences of those around them, who were good at what they did.

“I’m lookin’ for another kind of love 
Oh Lordy how I need it 
The kind that likes to leap without a shove 
Aar honey best believe it 
To save a lot of time and foolish pride 
I’ll say what’s on my mind girl 
You love me you hate me you cut me down to size 
You blinded me with love and yeah it opened up my eyes…”

The first link is the 1991 MTV Award winning video. Below is  my favorite version on YouTube from the 2004 Tour in Japan.

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