Number 29 – What’s Behind That Mask of Hers?


I must be feelin’

This song, so well described, takes place, between 39th St. & 54 St., and 8th Avenue to the Hudson River in Manhattan. “Hell’s Kitchen“. Not the “H.K.” some pompous celebrity “Wanna’ Be Bad Ass Grill Cook” made famous, but the place known to those who didn’t have much. Hell, some didn’t have anything.

At least not yet…

The place was once famous for the poor Irish American immigrants neighborhoods of yesteryear . Think of the movie “Gangs of New York”. In the 20th century, it was primarily a place where aspiring actors, comedians, and musicians would reside until they “Made It”… IF the made it.

The area was also very famous for the “The Other Side” of life during most of its existence. Historically the lowest rent area of Manhattan, also the famous “Red Light District” of 30’s & 40’s. There’s been a constant cleansing of the area since the 60s, but other than new paint and curtains, most things really didn’t change much at all until the 90’s, and even the turn of the 21st century, with new younger professionals and families moving in. So the old ways of making a living were still pretty fresh when the song was made.

Up until about 2005 you could still find a hooker for a roll. If, of course, that’s what you’re into. Now we all know Steven’s love for the “Other Side“. He has no problem talking about it, and even identifying with it. So it’s easy to surmise that yeah he was into it, at least a few times in a lifetime… Hell, try anything once right? Twice if you like it. Hey! Don’t judge! Not at least until you do the do, until you’ve been done…

True story… Sometimes life just gets in the way, and then you wake up and say; “Wait, where did that decade go, and what was I doing?” In the early 2000s, after “Push Play”, the band still needed to fulfill contractual obligations with Sony, but it seemed something was always getting in the way. In ’06 Aerosmith had all intentions of creating another full studio album, but with life happening all over the place, it was proving pretty difficult, to say the least. Tom and Steven both had throat surgery, Toms being cancer. Steven’s being severely strained vocal chords from an argument after a “Rockin’ the Joint” show, which in effect had the band cancel the rest of the ’06 scheduled tour. Not to mention severe disagreements with the label at the time, among other things. There were just too many things in the way to allow time for the ever elusive creative process.

So, with the lack of preparation, planning, and just plain “the well being of the band’, they decided to put together another “Hits” album, which in my opinion, is really one of their better ones. They seemed to be able to put something on it that all eras of fans would enjoy. But by far, the best part of the album were two previously unheard songs that didn’t make it onto Pump. This one in particular, was originally called Susie Q, and then after it didn’t make Pump, Ms. Warren came in to help it get onto GAG with a new name

I know! After I read that, I have to admit I was a bit surprised, just not something I would expect from her… But hey, who am I to question? The lady is damn good!

Not sure this song has any “real” meaning behind it. But my feeling is that it’s more just about identifying with a story, identifying with a type of people… I love Joe’s solo on this one, and the back beat that brings it all back to rhythmic melody, but it’s fast and precise. Joey never slows down; I swear just listening to this one you can see the sweat drippin’.

This is a great song for a Sunday Morning just before church…
But then again, that’s just me.

“Slag”– Def
A slang term used to describe someone who engages in casual sex and promiscuous behavior
Mike’s Aerosmith Dictionary, 1st Edition

Sweet Suzy Q she was a revel
No angel wings more like the devil
She was so hot so cool ‘n nasty
Believe it or not here’s what she asked me
If you need love with no condition
Let’s do the do honey
I’m on a mission

Girls’ so bitchin’… my backbone’s twitchin’
‘Cause down in hell’s kitchen
The devil’s got a new disguise

I’m on a mission
A proposition
It’s intuition
‘Cause the devil’s got a new disguise…”

“If you see Kay… (F… U… C… K…)
Tell her I love her
She did me in but I’ll recover
She said love was her desire
All that she touched she set on fire
She was so diss… I couldn’t slag her
She blew a kiss… I threw the dagger… hey” 

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