Number 30 – Can You Feel His Disease?


Garage Band huh?
Hey, do you guys know this song?

Down 6 spots, but still in my Top 30!

We were America’s band”… “We were the garage band that made it really big – the ultimate party band.”
-Joe Perry

What does a garage band do? They play other people’s songs, right? What if the song they cover, is one of the most favored, and well known songs written by one of the most beloved bands in the history of Rock n Roll? What if they do it better than that band? Are they still a “Garage Band”. Well, if you were to ask Joe, he might say “yes”.

Inside this countdown, I’ve mentioned a few times how this band covers songs, not just to do them, but to own them.

Joe has often said that “Aerosmith is the world’s biggest Garage Band”. Maybe that’s why I like them so much. They still have fun like they’re in the gym at Nipmuc High School in Mendon, Mass. They had me from the start with covers like “Walkin’ the Dog”, and “Rattlesnake Shake”, “Big Ten Inch”, and even “Train”, not to mention the whole frickin’ “Bobo” thing later in life. When the movie came out in 1978, and it was said that Aerosmith would have a monumental role in the film, I was totally beside myself! I mean as a 15 year old kid, who would rather stay home to catch them on the Midnight Special, than going out to a party, I was psyched, to say the least! As a boy who loved the girls, and the boy the girls loved to love, you might think the boy is strange when he would plan a weekend around seeing these guys on TV, which was not all that often by the way, rather than… well, you know, let’s just say I was hooked!

To see them twice at ‘D.O.G’.s, just wasn’t enough to fill the need for this sound, and soak up the “cool” that these guys were, that they exuded. Yeah, even if Steven did fall down, or forget what song they were playing, it was so worth it! So, in 1978, ‘no internet’, no ‘YouTube’, no previews, not even a trailer. All we got was what we heard the DJs talk about on the radio about the movie, and I don’t remember Kit Karsin, (AKA my good friend Colette) saying much about it as teenage Disc Jockey on Santa Rosa’s own KJAM. We could only read about this movie that was coming out in magazines like Rolling Stone, or the Pink Section of the S.F. Chronicle, or Hit Parader, or Cream. But in reality, we didn’t know crap of what it was about, other than a tribute to the Beatle’s album of the same name. I do remember hearing that Aerosmith was gonna’ get in a fight with the Bee Gees and Peter Frampton, albeit staged, my thought was; This is gonna’ be sooooo COOL!!!! (Remember I was 15). I mean come on, there’s no way in hell Aerosmith could lose to Saturday Night Fever & Frampton Comes Alive…. Right?

So the stage was set…. WOW! What a Hokie F***** Movie! Difficult to sit through, to say the least. At least until Elton sang “Lucy”… But ‘FVB’!!! What is FVB?? Can we just get to Aerosmith please? And then we found out…. Strawberry Fields are sometimes not forever… so sad! And then; WHAT???!!!! Steven died? WTF??!! I want my money back!!! What??!! How can this be??!!! I threw my popcorn down, and stormed out to see the manager!… Well, not really, but it makes a good story…
I was so pissed though!

Then it all made sense… He fell off the stage again. Just like in real life… :-/

Seriously though, these guys have tremendous respect for John, Paul, and George… Okay, okay… Ringo too, but the movie was a mess. Their parts were originally offered to the Stones, but I guess Mick and Keith probably had an inside scoop, so they turned it down. Either that or they really never saw themselves as lower than The Beatles anyway, so a tribute would have been odd for them. Aerosmith though, was star struck getting to meet, and work with George Martin. Even Jack was like a giggly little kid. And Joe was happy just to be able to sing his “One Line”.

The story goes; George Martin knew only two things about the boys from Boston;

  1. They took forever to record…
  2. They absolutely loved Jeff Beck!

So George told them Jeff was in town, playing at Trax that night, and if they finished quick enough, they could catch his show. They finished the song in two takes… George took off with the finished tape. Aerosmith left for the club… Jeff Beck was not in town.
So gullible…

Leber & Krebs wanted to see something coming in. The guys weren’t writing anything new so, they told them about the movie, and said; “’they’ get to kill Frampton and the Bee Gees”.

The director was more than just a little pissed at them too, yelling; “Who are these fucking drunks on my set?”

You see, lunch for Aerosmith at the time, meant some sort of “medication”, a few six packs, and a bottle of Jack.

The guys actually were not cool at all with the original scene the way it was written. Frampton was supposed to kill Steven, but they weren’t having any of that at all! Quote;
“There’s no fucking way Steven is getting off’ed by Frampton! No way! It has to be an accident!”

Anyway, lots of hullabaloo, but not much in content. The first video link below, is from the movie just for fun, but make sure you check the next two. These are truly great, great Aerosmith performances, and all the respect to John…

I absolutely love the way Brad and Joe serenade each other with their guitars in this song, complete with Seven’s signature spit; Enjoy this classic song, in classic performances, in a classic tribute from the best, to the best!



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