Number 33 – Do You Believe in Me?


Just 32 more…
Before we’re on the shore…

Up 2 spots from last year….

When we introduced Uncle Salty, Adam & Eve’s eating habits, and No More, we talked about the “Body” of this album, well this song here carries the blood of it! It’s intense from start to finish, it embodies the strength, and tone of perhaps the greatest Aerosmith album ever. Not necessarily my opinion in that statement, just overall sales…

in order to fully experience this song, you have to transport yourself back to 1975, you have to get the vinyl, you need to get the headphones, and yeah, I’ll say it… even smoke a bowl or two, and turn this fucker up as soon as the needle drops!!! That’s where this song want s to take you, and if your only going halfway there, well… you’re just not getting the full experience. This is not a PC YouTube song. This is not a song that transfers well into digital sound, so if you can make it happen, make it happen.

This is one of those pounding 70’s Rock N Roll tunes, that made this group one of the true “Monsters of Rock” (that’s a 70’s term kids). With driving guitar riffs and a bass line that just makes you bang your head. It delivers with the force of a category 5 hurricane, but just enough melody to keep it on this side of metal. The chords go right in tune with the title of the song, constantly bringing you back, almost like in a circle.

Off of 1975’s “Toys In The Attic”, this one really didn’t get as much play as some of the other more catchy and mainstream songs such as “Walk This Way”, or “Sweet Emotion”, but it definitely has the drive of a “Toys” or even “No More No More”. Maybe it didn’t get the same attention because it’s not within Steven’s admitted focus of sex for the album.
It often goes forgotten, but the lyrics are telling you of a fast life, that most of us cannot begin to comprehend! Damn if it doesn’t scream out loud; “I’m High as a F*****’ Kite, and wish I wasn’t! I don’t even know my name anymore.”

Many bands did the same, and never really came out of it. Some bands, such as The Crue, or VH, or the like, had some really huge success. Pure talent from some of these guys! Guns & Roses are a band who admittedly tried to emulate these guys, but just couldn’t keep it going. I’m not condoning the lifestyle, but I’m not condemning it either, at least not for these guys. Their lives are in the songs. And they made it through to the other side in one piece. Tattered, but in one piece.

This one is one of Brad’s masterpieces, and you can hear it in the melodic synchronicity up against Joe’s and Tom’s driving, lumbering force. Similar in style to Last Child with such catchy melody inside of chaotic intensity…

The reviews of the “Toys” album were in the compass of the following (from Wiki);
“For his review of Toys in the Attic for “Allmusic”, Steven Thomas Earlywine called the album’s style a mix of Zeppelin and The Stones riffs and was filled with songs about sex with a “different style” than there ever was before. And that; “Greg Kot called the album a landmark of hard rock. For the “Blender” magazine review, Ben Mitchell called Toys in the Attic cocaine-influenced. This is exactly one of the songs they were talking about when these words were written. But alas, they weren’t all so nice. Gordon Fletcher of Rolling Stone, basically said the album fell short of expectations “again”.

The song was later covered by Velvet Relvover, which shouldn’t come as any surprise knowing that Slash’s idol is Joe. I often use the term “Joe Jr,” when I speak of Slash…

As I said earlier in this countdown, it’s my belief, this song along with “No More, No More”, was getting you ready for something even harder, even deeper with coming of “Rocks”, it’s as if they’re saying, after ‘Toys’, after ‘Emotion’, after ‘WTW’, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!’ In fact if you believe in me, like I believe in you, you would know, how strong I feel strong I feel about that  statement,  so much so, that these two songs can be  interchanged on the list, solely based on the hour of  any day of the week. They go together like ice cream and hot fudge. I can’t listen to one without staying for the other…

Turn this one up people! This IS Day On The Green, This IS the Cow Palace

If you believe in me, like I believe in you
You wouldn’t be tellin’ me things, that weren’t exactly true
Now everything changes, ain’t nothin’ the same
I’m gettin’ the strangest feelin’, I can’t remember my name
‘Cause the life I been livin’, and the love I been givin’
Would be sure to set you spinnin’, wit’cha feet never touchin’ the ground
And I’m round and round”

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