Number 41 – What’s Your Intention? You Ain’t Foolin’ Me…

Mike 2204 (17)

Some days you get the bear, and some days the bear gets you…

Well, I’ve been thoroughly mauled  quite a few days now, so please forgive the lackluster follow up to “Chip Away” and “Dueces”, but it’s an “Oatmeal for dinner” kind of a day. Thank you Natalie…

Funny how some things just never seem to change…
I wrote the bulk of this last year, after a rough day at work. That’s not a big surprise in itself, anyone who knows me, knows my work doesn’t really allow good days, but sometimes it seems they go out of their way just to fuck with ya… Like I said, some things never change.

This may not be my number one song. Hell, I’m not even sure it deserves a spot in the top 50! Like I said before though, it’s kind of funny how these lists go sometimes. This song could realistically be about number 55, or 61, if that… but here we are at number 41, and here “it” is. I guess I can really understand now why I see some of these internet lists, and I say to myself; “Self, how the hell did that song get there?”  “I Wanna Know Why”! To think that I’m only dealing with one band, while they’re dealing with hundreds, and I’m only dealing with a couple of hundred songs, and they’re dealing with a couple thousand. So here we are, and you know I can’t really pull the song out… that would leave me with a “Top 98” or “Top 99”, and that would be just silly. Wouldn’t it? Besides that, I do like the song, so deserved of the number 41 spot, or not, indulge me…

The song is an “attitude” way more than a message. In fact I’m not sure there is any message in it, other than; “What the fuck* man?!?” At least that’s what seems to be the most obvious. And maybe that’s why it got to this spot in the 1st place. I may just sing this song to myself more than any other Aero song on the list. At least in my own privacy,

Anyone who knows me, knows what I go through on an almost daily basis with people that I work with. You know the people I’m talking about. The people that have difficulty figuring out how to master the “darker dial” on the toaster. Some people inherently should not be given much more responsibility, than making sure they have clean underwear and matching socks, yet they somehow have gotten jobs where they are responsible for the oversight of millions dollars worth of product transportation, not to mention  a connected responsibility for 1000s upon 1000s of lives on the roads. You know the people… The same people who daily reach unprecedented levels of incompetence… at least until the next day’s work.

Although I personally, certainly do give a continuous, and conscientious effort to make a better world, and if not a better world, at least a better work environment, these very same people achieve a status of ineptitude that is literally mind boggling. With behaviors exercising an absolute lack of desire to do anything in this world better than what they did yesterday, let alone their job. Not even an effort to understand the business they’re in. It just kind of makes one feel… Well, foolish.

Okay… rant over. Not the place, I know. Anyway, like I said, we’ll be back on track tomorrow.

Different meanings for the song could be along the lines of; “I can spot a fake a mile away” Or, “I believe in second chances, but third chances are just practice for a habit”, myself included.

Serious note; Listening to this song, and theme of it, the melody, the piano, etc., it’s really easy to picture this one being on Permanent Vacation. The first link will give you studio, the 2nd link gives you TEXXAS JAM, maybe not their best days… but it’s all part of the show, right?

“Ya see more
Can’t keep a score
When the whore’s comin’ on for the play

I wanna know why
Everybody’s good intentions

Gotta make a fool outta me…”

“E. Poe
Eatin’ crow
Wonder if he know’d that the raven was mad”

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