Number 44 – Chivalry Ain’t Dead, But it Might Cost a Bullet Instead

Mike (24)

Could She Be Good, If She Would?

Written 1974 as the 3rd single to their 2nd chance, the song still KICKS ASS today! It’s the blues on speed! So much so, that all new term, a whole new phrase was coined just for these guys. With a combined aura of Blues and Sleaze and good ole’ American Rock N Roll, we now heard and read the word “Blooze” when writers described the sounds of Aerosmith. And it fit like a glove.

Written by Steven, produced by Jack, I’m still not sure there’s any meaning to it, other than; “Strap it On, and Strap Yourself In, and Hang On!” It’s about partying on the grittier side, partying harder, and maybe gettin’ some… or maybe not…

It’s hard for me to really write a review on a song that had no real meaning, other than the memory of a 14 year old boy, cranking his ‘Sanyo’ Turntable/Stereo loud enough to blow the cheap little speakers the system came with, playing ‘Air Guitar’, and “Air Mic Stand” to a song that was really nothing more than a frickin’ blast! There wasn’t much to relate to… Sure I was a schoolboy, but hardly lonely, at least not in the way of female company. Maybe if anything, it opened up my adolescent eyes, and hormonal tendencies to seeing women as they might just be really good… well, if they would…

I think put it best; among other things saying;
“In a way, Get Your Wings shows Aerosmith at the crossroads of both finding the rock sound that would proliferate in the 1980s while continuing with the raw, barroom-style tunes of their earliest days.”
“Lead vocalist S. Tyler continued his compositional dominance by writing three songs solo, and co-writing every other song with the exception of the album’s single cover song. While Joe and Brad also continued their dual-axe attack, trading lead and rhythm duties and seamlessly switching between blues-rock and more standard fare hard rock. With this arrangement, many early critics of the band deemed them clones of the Rolling Stones, but that comparison was overtly simplistic as Aerosmith was surely blazing their own bold trail,  even at this very early juncture in their career.

A lot of old school Blue Army rate this album up real high with the best of the bands repertoire… Me? Not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but I didn’t buy it until after I bought “Toys”, so in a way, to me it was a stop along the way. It was a road trip with some really good sights, some even worth spending some extra time visiting. This song was one of those stops for me. Although definitely not the critics, or even most fans highest choice on the record, for me it was… at least some days, when it didn’t trade off with “WOW”, “SOSAD” and “Spaced”. Maybe it was the constant energy, feeding a kid with energy to burn… It lifted a teenage boy’s confidence, not so much with the notion he “can’t get none of that”, but with the confidence to try.

When Aerosmith released GYW, they still had not been able to grasp a top 40 spot; however the album was strong enough to build a base. And a base buys records. Hooking up for the 1st time with Jack, they were able to put together an album with not just a couple good songs, but an 8 song “In Your Face” Hard Rock piece of awesomeness. It gave America a peek at the sound of dual slashing guitars, pounding rhythms, and In-your-Face Bass and Drum lines along with a lyrical attitude, that made you sit up and say; “Wait!!! What the fuck was that? Play that again!” goes on to say this about the song;
“The second side of Get Your Wings kicks off with (the opener), which previews some of the more raw, sleeze songs Aerosmith would use on albums of the future like “DTL”.  A hard rock song, with underlying riffs and topical textures, this short and energetic song fills the same space that punk rock would soon occupy.
I’m not sure I go along with the Punk Rock reference and comparison, then again… I’m not sure I don’t.

Similar to what would become a tried and true formula for the Bad Boys from Boston, the song’s architecture, like so much of their early music, starts out tough and fast, then it gives you just a tiny bit of a breather, before it kicks back into high gear! It’s quick, and leaves you wondering why it’s over already. I think that’s exactly the point. They want you to want more… It’s kind of like teasing your girl with a “Lick and a Promise”. You know she’s gonna’ want more. Many called this song filler for their second album; I say it’s “Fucking Full”!

Sputnik reviews the song this way;
By far the shortest track on the album; it’s a catchy little song with catchy lyrics. The chorus goes; “Too bad, can’t get me none of that” and is one of the catchier lines Aerosmith has ever written, but that’s only my opinion. 

You can feel the light-years of experience the band found under the guidance of Jack, and the comfortability of the road. You can hear Steven’s confidence in a voice that would soon become, maybe the best in Rock history. You can hear Joe, live for what he feels, the precision of Brad, the steadiness of Tom, and Joey’s no holding back drum lines… This is the start of something really good!

This song will be of last of GYW in this book’s Top 100, knowing my top pick off the album, is frankly most people’s 6thout of 8, but I’m cool like that.

Have you ever known a lady with an hourglass body that could make things glow in the night? Well…. Heh Heh… You might wanna’ get somma’ that…. No?

“Lord it’s too bad!”

Ladies, it’s only fair warning; If you’re not careful, you might just wear this moniker… Yeah, I still use it.

“Salt lickin’ biddies, 
Bogus honey stinkin’ of gin…

Tyler’s voice is showing his age in the video… but he’s still “A Rat
This is “S.O.S. (Too Bad)”

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