Number 45 – Own Yesterday! But Change tomorrow…

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While you’re payin’ your dues, remember
What you leave behind can’t be erased,
Careful who you piss off along the way…

Okay let’s go ahead and kick off number 45 with, perhaps one of the best Aerosmith songs nobody knows, at least nobody outside of the circle. And for whatever reason, if you do know it, you’ve probably forgot about it somewhere along the way. I don’t know about you, but every time I hear this song I get the chills.
A lot of people think this song is about love, and IT IS! I guess what I mean by that is; a lot of people use the song to describe their own Merry-Go-Round with their significant others. And you know what? If it works, have at it! But my personal opinion and you know I’m going to give it, this song is about 5 brothers who have lived half a lifetime together.

These 5 guys have seen both heaven, and hell together. They’ve gotten through their hardest times together, and have come out of it together. It’s about their inner circle. It’s about brothers and their families. It’s Aerosmith telling you; “This right here… This is what’s most important”, and by bringing this song to their fans, their long time,  AND short time fans, they are telling us, that we’re part of it. You may not be in that ‘inner circle”, but they’re willing to share that inner circle, or at least a part of it, with the people that love them.

This one is one of those hidden gems within the “Rocks”, on one of my “new-old time’ favorite albums. I don’t ever challenge anyone else’s favorites, whether they are, by song, album, or era. However, for me, and I hope I’ve at least shown this in my reviews and blogs, each song has a meaning, both specific to the era and the theme of each album, and yet each song has roots. Each song is a branch; they are the tiny limbs and even leaves of a very strong tree. We will no doubt soon get to the trunk of that tree, and even dig deeper into the roots, but this one here… It’s kind of like the Magnolia blossoms or even the Cherry Blossoms in the spring. It opens up to show us a beauty that comes from deep within the roots.

Now when I say these things about favorite songs and albums, you probably come to the realization that these songs, this “Top 100” list is a labor of love. It’s a difficult task, to say the least though, to put every song that could be your favorite, on any given day of the year, or the mood of the hour, into an order of importance. And when you attempt such a thing, and even further have the balls to publish it/them publicly, you open yourself, and your labor to wide array of critique. You open yourself up to the very obvious disagreements of what songs should be placed where, and of course there are a million and one different opinions about that. But even more, you open yourself up to “eras” of fans. Fans that will only listen to stuff up to 1979, or fans from the 80s & 90s, or even the very new crowd from the 2000s, and yet, now we have something even newer, albeit in no way is “Aerosmith”, but a member of the band doing country, or at least making an attempt. My point here is that if you endeavor such a task, you will never please everyone… But the part of the point in this song, is that they are all connected.

As the song says…  between the lines,
Own your yesterdays, and look into the future with open arms, and maybe… just maybe try to do better than you did yesterday. And while you take that step into tomorrow, don’t let go of those making the trip with you. They’re gonna’ be right beside you at the end. Recognize them along the way”

It’s about love, but it’s a different kind of love.
The first video might possibly be my favorite video, if not, it’s up there…

It’s a montage of a type of, sort of “Family Album”, “Home Movies”. The band as always kept their inner circle close to their vests, mainly because of the lessons learned from the earlier years, of being taken advantage of, along with letting too many unknowns in.  However, this video gives us peek, inside that circle. They share that special place with us. It gives the candid and the fun. It gives us the family and the closeness of each of them. They share with us the smiles and laughter, along with the work, and the life.

So as I said above, I don’t judge anyone else’s favorite ballads, whether it be “Dream” or “Amazing”, or “Miss”… This right here is mine. I’m not taking a bathroom break during this one, I’m not grabbing a beer I might even shed a tear, because as much as this song is written for each of them, and their trip, it’s written for the fans who took the trip with them…

“How did we get so effected,
Because I think that, love is love reflected…”

Profound words right there. Saying that to your partner is one thing, but saying that to your brothers…. Well that takes a man that’s got some “Big Ones.”

Some of my all-time favorite lyrics in this one. Hard to choose which verse to cite, so you pick one…


If I could change the world 
Like a fairy tale 
I would drink the love 
From your holy grail…”

I used to think that every little thing I did was crazy 
But now I think the Karma cops are comin’ after you “

Raise your drinkin’ glass 
Here’s to yesterday 
In Time 
We’re all gonna trip away 
Don’t piss heaven off 
We got hell to pay 
Come full circle…” 

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