Number 49 – Bite Me! You’re Gonna’ Love It…


Was that just lightning from the sky…
Or has the mother ship landed?

I’m thinkin’ if you got just some of, or any combination of the next 48 songs on this list, plus this one at a concert, you could chalk it up as a really good show…

Now with most of the boys being brought up in good Christian homes, or Jewish… it only makes sense that you get a little Bible lesson here and there. We’ve learned about “St John”. We talked about an “Angel”, and we’ve talked about a “Street Jesus”, and I’m sure we’ll learn how to give “Eyesight To The Blind” soon enough, but now let’s go back to the beginning…

I think Ultimate – said it best in their review of this album;
This record really has that in your face balls out heavy blues-rock that made Aerosmith so influential and famous. You can tell they really had a great producer (Jack Douglas) and that they really had a passion for creating a great album. Joe Perry and Brad Whitford’s guitars couldn’t have sounded more together, and Joey Kramer and Tom Hamilton’s rhythm section couldn’t have kept the songs together better. On top of it all Steven Tyler just worked his raspy and bluesy voice like there was no tomorrow.”

13, 14 years old… So confused! Thank God there was a “Handbook” to show me the way! Thank God there were 5 guys to put it all down on paper and then record it, as though they were lessons in school. Thank God, there were signs along the way. Thank God for the teachers she sent to show me the way… Thank God I was a good student!

All I ever learned about creation, and The Book of Genesis, or at least what I needed to learn, along with the art of deception, I learned right here, in a four and a half minute song…

Women play a vital role in the history of deception, whether it was ‘Rebeka’, or ‘Delilah’, or even in more modern times, ‘Mata Hari’ and the like, I learned there is always a motive, always a reason, always a desire to get a “leg up” so to speak. However, before I lay blame on the feminine, and the sheer beauty of the divine goddesses that they were AND are, let’s understand that it always, ALWAYS takes two… And with that said, if they’re offerin’… we’re takin’… And many times, with no questions asked. says in their review of the album, among other things;
“Not only does Joe Perry turn out indelible riffs like “Walk This Way,” “Toys in the Attic,” and “Sweet Emotion,” but Steven Tyler has fully embraced sleaziness as his artistic muse. The rest of Aerosmith, led by Perry’s dirty, exaggerated riffing, provide an appropriately greasy backing. Before Toys In The Attic, no other hard rock band sounded like this. Aerosmith was a gritty, street-wise hard rock band who played their blues as blooze and were in it for a good time; ‘Toys In The Attic’ crystallizes that attitude.”

The song is Aerosmith’s version of a story from Genesis. It tells the story, the one we all knew as kids, of a forbidden fruit, from the tree of knowledge… But as curiosity killed the cat, the feline really needed more than she was gettin’, and in order to get more, she coyly seduced her garden partner to take in the delights of the forbidden…  As the story goes, she took the fruit, the prize, the knowledge, from the “snake”, who in turn, has been characterized as Satan himself… Who knows? Maybe the snake is… Maybe the snake knows that there’s more to life than what is seen. Maybe it’s good to see the unseen, to experience, the inexperienced, to give in to temptation, as temptation drives the human desire. Satan? Maybe… maybe not. But the fact remains, we still listen to the snake, more often than not.

The gist of the story though, is that if a woman feels she’s bein’ treated unfairly, whether she actually is or isn’t, she’s gonna’ do her damndest to find “fair”, even if there’s Hell To Pay. It seems God just wanted them kept in the dark. Funny how some things never change… But the human desire for “more” gives in to the original sin. It always has… It always will.

You know what? I’m really not a very religious person. So, before I go talkin’ in circles with my foot in my mouth, I should just come clean with the fact that Steven tells the story, better than I could ever hope to. But, before we let him do that… I wanna’ introduce it as the 4th song from Toys in “My Top 100”, and the 2nd track on the vinyl that created a legend, and yet we’ve barely cracked the Top 50.

The sexual theme is evident throughout the record, and that true Aerosmith sexuality is in free spirit. The band’s sexuality, not only as Rock Stars, but as a whole band. Difficult to explain really, but it’s more than Steven, more than Joe, or Joey, or Brad, or even Tom, and it’s more than just the band. What they create together, the five of them, is truly something that is greater than the sum of its parts. The music itself is sexual, beyond the singer, beyond guitars. The brand of music they play, takes on its own personality as a sexual entity, past it’s infancy of the 1st album, past the toddler state of “GYW”, now clearly into an adolescent hormonal fury. And Steven doesn’t hold back one “bite’! He turns a classic, honored, and beloved biblical story into their own little x-rated playground with “In Your Face” (pun intended) sexual innuendos of Eve’s love for Adam’s “Forbidden Fruit”, as well as Adam’s need for just a little taste

Sure, many will identify the sound with one or two members, usually Steven, or Joe, and I get that, It’s actually normal, especially for those of the feminine persuasion, but even then, they sell themselves short of the full experience. Understandably so really, if you let it permeate, if you let it seethe through, it can be a little overwhelming. There’s an old saying; “He put on Aerosmith, and the next thing I knew I was naked”… Look, when it happens, there’s seldom a video of any of them playing as if to coerce the female with fantastical images. No, it’s not that at all, It’s the power of the seduction within the notes. It’s the voices, the sounds, the infliction of all of it together… It’s the music people! Oh… and yeah, it does work. Trust me…

The key to the song is recognizing that sexual temptation is real, and fighting it is futile. If you can’t listen to God, you’re in trouble…. So rather than fight it, and live in the guilt of “what’s wrong or what’s right”, give in! Live in it! Wallow in It! Wear it!

Further into the song and its origin, its history, we enter that grey area between truth and fiction, which are the stories Steven tells so very well, the trivial quotes of his, as to where the inspiration came from. Well, it’s rather obvious it comes from having sex on the brain, and a play on words of body part descriptions, but it seems to be a bit more than that…  quotes Steven this way; “Those were my thoughts on UFOs, the theory of evolution, the monkey, and Adam and Eve. How incredibly naive to think that there were just those two people just buzzing around the woods naked, having a blast.”

It’s amazing to me sometimes how much Steven and I think alike. God forbid you have a debate with one his Christian fan-”atics” over that though, Whoa! Just don’t… take my word for it, just don’t.

I absolutely love how Joe opens up this song with an unmistakable bending of chords that there’s NO WAY YOU CAN’T KNOW which song it is. Such a “stiff” “hard” edge to his playing here. It’s quick, it’s gritty, it’s sleazy and it’s fast, but also with a steady “grinding” rhythm, and yet he and Brad pull off an almost simultaneous lead! “Holy” shit! Joey puts down heavy hits, a royal thumping deep with rising crescendos onto the cymbals for Steven to bounce his sleaze off of. The absolute “raw”-ness of this song, brings me back to the 1stalbum, however with Tom, and Brad giving more than a perfect rhythm line, shows the artistic and musical growth… Steven sings with Joe, just as he did on earlier classics… perfect pitch, guitarist and singer…

In my opinion, on a scale of 1-10, this song is an 8/9 on an album of 10’s. com goes on to review the song like this;

“Pretty raw and basic track. It’s kind of a cross breed of Toys in the Attic and Uncle Salty. It’s got the hard edged guitar and really tight and thumping bass that became Aerosmith’s trademark sound.

That doesn’t say a lot, until you put in the middle of ‘Salty‘ and ‘Toys‘, then you begin to understand… Not much more needs to be said.

Can you imagine what the album cover would have looked like if Steven got to name it “Love at First Bite” as he wanted

“Lordy it was love at first bite.” 

What is that fruit she’s eatin’ Steven?

Man he was believer
Lady was deceiver
So the story goes but you see
The snake was he and she just climbed right up his tree”

This is “Adam’s Apple”

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