Number 5 – We’re Not In Kansas Anymore…


Maybe Because Of The Last Year I’ve Had, Maybe Because The More I Hear It, The More I Love It!
Maybe because of the year I’ve already had,  Maybe because the more I hear it, the more I love it!

This one has really climbed my list… this one right here, just goes to show how deep my appreciation is. Not just the 70s or 80s, it’s all encompassing.

As I’ve said numerous times already, when someone takes on a book, or even list like this, it’s so very difficult to even start to comprehend where each of your favorite songs should be ranked with a catalog so large. And in that huge catalogue, there are so many iconic, meaningful, and just plain cool songs.

When almost any number of the songs listed so far, could be number 1, or number 25, or any other number, on any given day, based on your mood, or mine, or just the way the sun set that night. Keep in mind, any 1 of these next 5 songs could be number 1, and you know what? They probably are, but that might get a little bit confusing saying something like; “my 5th number 1…” So with that said, let’s start with number 5.

Maybe because the older “I” get, the less sane “you” are. Or the crazier I get, the less I relate to this very methodically robotic world. Or maybe it’s just the crazier the world gets, the more I’d love to cope, but the less I’m capable of coping. Everything is a fuckin’ struggle! EVERYTHING! The more the days come, the more the new stresses come, sometimes taking the place of the one’s that I forgot I was dealing with yesterday. Sometimes they just pile on like an old game of “Kill the Guy with the Ball”, and I can’t let go of the ball…

With that, I just want to escape, I’m tired of getting killed. Whether it be having a smoke that I haven’t had in 9 years, or having another smoke that I haven’t had in 7. Or having a sniff I haven’t had in 16 years, or having the shot I had last night, or just wanting to fuckin’ get back to the real nitty gritty. The more I hear this song, the more I relate to it, on not just one level, but every fucking level!

People have often said that this is Steven’s admission of addiction, as it comes and goes throughout his life. The admission, of falling off the wagon, and getting back on it, both meanings set forth in the title and chorus of the song at the same time. Fucking Genius!… I’d have to agree, but saying that, I will never chastise the “addict’, or the “addiction”.  And with all that said, we have to remember that this truly a Mark Hudson masterpiece, more so than Steven. That’s not to say these tow long time friends and partners in crime didn’t write with each other in mind.

I may go up against the enablers, or the empty souls who cannot comprehend the sheer grasp of addiction, but also the embrace, and therefore they tend to condemn the addict, without a valid suggestion for resolution. It’s a part of who he is, It’s a part of who all of them are. Maybe some more than others, but never-the-less, who am I to judge? With their struggles though, come our own struggles. I mean if you are a deep fan of this band, as many who read these writings of mine are, we connect. It would be absurd to think we could protect them, or one of them from who they are. It’s absurd to be disappointed with someone who has bled his heart out telling us; “This is me!” You either accept a man for who he is, or you don’t.

A lot has been written about this song, as far as what people think the meaning of it is, or could be. Some of the strangest ones I’ve read say it’s about government mind control. They say that’s why there are lyrics relating to The Wizard of Oz. What do I know? Maybe it is… It’s really kind of ironic when you think about it… Reporting for Jury Duty, only to follow the “yellow” lines on the walls and floors to get to the place for someone to convince us to think the way they want us to think…

But really, the song, like the majority of Aerosmith songs ever written, has double, and maybe triple meanings. It’s about escaping reality, then wanting to escape, the escape… The Farm is fantasy and reality both. The Farm is Lake Sunapee, It’s Yosemite, It’s the Looney Bin, and Re-Hab, It’s West Marin County, and It’s The Tenderloin District, and It’s Malibu Beach… Or what the hell do I know? Maybe it’s the third meaning in the trifecta of innuendo, which is nothing more than getting back to the legendary “Long View Farm Recording Studios” to make music, rather than fall off the wagon out of boredom…

Very much in the culture of a Beatles classic, the song streams exotic and dramatic orchestral cellos and other instruments, and the just plain odd sound effects, echoes reminiscent of “The Walrus”. I realize maybe the only one person, by the name of Rose Nishikawa, will really grasp this tiny bit of trivia, but from Nine Lives, whose original name of the album was to be “Vindaloo”

I absolutely love the frenzy of this song! The almost out of tune sounds of Joe and Brad’s guitars, give the melody a sense of chaotic anxiety that explodes , and yet comes right back around with the strings symbolizing the cyclonic  spinning house the song is meant to represent. And of course, not only such lyrical freakness, uniqueness, and genius, but also capping it off with that signature Tyler-esque Primal Scream, this song screams Aerosmith!

Written by Steven and Joe, and Mark, and Steve Dudas, The song never charted. At least not until I charted it myself right here…

Trippy song right here…

“I got terminal uniqueness… (yeah)
I’m an egocentric man… (ooh yeah)
I get caught up in my freakness 
But I ain’t no Peter Pan 
A get me to the farm…”

“Buckle up straightjack 
Insanity is such a drag 
Jellybean Thorazine 
Transcendental jet lag 
Sanity I ain’t gotta 
Feeling like a pinata 
Sucker punch blow lunch 
Motherload pigeonhole 
I’m feelin’ like I’m gonna explode….”

“(Yeah)… I’m gonna shave my head
I wanna be a Hare Krishna 
(I’m gonna…) tattoo a dot right on my head 
Heh heh heh heh… 
(Huh a)… and the prozac is my fixer
(Yeah)… I am the living dead’.” 

I give you; “The Farm”.

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