Number 51 – Rub a Little Salt On It, Cleans It Up Real Nice…


It won’t hurt as much,
But it won’t take away your vice

Funny, the choices we make…

If there’s one thing that drives me “Insane”, it’s hearing some guy, or some chick with a Porsche, or “whatever” the social status symbol of the year is, along with an overblown sense of their own grandiosity, and self importance, telling the world that their good fortunes are a result of hard work. Then telling everyone that anyone can do it, implying of course, that anyone without fortune obviously didn’t work hard enough, or made bad choices…

We all make choices….

I truly believe that fate; destiny, opportunity, and luck have more to do with your standing in life than any other factor, or choice of factors. It’s really hard for me to buy into what seems to me, an ultra elitist mindset that everything that happens in one’s life, is by choice. That thought process maybe true to a point, but I also think it may be important to realize that, not everyone is given the same choices to choose from. A single mom’s choice may be; “What should I do, buy food and eat this week, or do I pay the gas & electric so my kids don’t freeze?” Another woman’s choice might be; “Should I tip him $20.00 for hand washing my Escalade or just $10.00 because I still want to get a latte” He’s probably hoping for the $20, so he can both, feed his kids, and keep the heat on.

This song is about fate. It’s about destiny…

I also know that there are a ton of people out there right now, that will not agree with this, no matter what! Maybe because they’re so far removed from these types of decisions, or maybe they never had to make decisions like these. Or maybe it’s because they did, but then their own destiny put them on a path out of it, and they feel as though because they made it out, everyone else should be able to also. It’s simply not the case. But by whatever means necessary, people will most often justify their good fortune with fortitude and decisions, without regard to anyone else who might have had the very same fortitude, and even decisions, but on a different path.

It’s your soul, your spirit inside, that is on a path. Only if you are truly, truly conscious, can you make the decisions to change what has been predestined. I do believe that there are a few people in this world who are absolutely in tune with their souls, and although they make choices like the rest of us, to have a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, or a turkey sandwich, they have no desire to control. Most of us have intermittent glimpses of this kind of relationship with our souls. It’s when that one wonderful shining thought comes to us, or that sense of déjà vu, or knowing when you can trust someone without even knowing them yet. All of those are things that come to us without choice. Don’t get me wrong here, we cannot go through life without making choices every single day, business choices, family choices, personal choices, but the choices we are given, are part and parcel of our destiny.

While it is true that we all make choices in life, it’s also true that we don’t all get the same choices to make. While one person may choose to transfer 5k into an IRA, or invest in gold, another might be choosing which park is safer to sleep in tonight. And a child may simply be making the choice between running away, or staying at home and withstanding further abuse.

My own life has been nothing but choices made. Admittedly, many of the wrong ones, at that. But no, my choices often weren’t the same as people who weaved in and out of my life. Whether be as a young teenager comparing my choices of dinner every night of fried bologna or fried cotto, and what to have as a side dish, mustard or a pickle to my friend’s decisions between going home to mom’s pot roast and potatoes or splurging for a pizza with the $20 pop gave him before he left the house. Sure, I made a choice to go to college, the college chose to not accept that choice, because they made a choice of how much college would cost. That was a choice I couldn’t afford to make. So instead, I made choices to work, and work, and work my way up, only be told the company’s choice of ceiling I could reach without making the choice to go to college.

I could go on and on here. Many will argue; “Anything can be possible”, for which I’m inclined to agree, but with that comes the age old law; For every action, there is a reaction, meaning; “Anything can also be impossible”. I didn’t make a choice to get hurt at work. I didn’t make a choice to lose my job because my injury created a disability, which no longer allows me to meet the minimum requirements of my duties. But yeah sure, my employer did make a choice to not use the  knowledge, and 30 years of valuable experience as a further asset. Yes my employer did make a decision to Administratively Discharge an injured 53 year old into the unemployment line. It was their choice to make.

Yeah, we all make choices in life…

I’ve been a very controlling person most of my life, and I envy those that can put their faith into a phrase like; “if it is meant to be, it will be“. Personally I still struggle with control, and lack of control on a daily basis…

Funny thing about this song, she cries out for help, but no one came…

People often say “if you need help just ask“, but then they complain to the City Council, or their best friend about the homeless entering their neighborhoods, or the guy in front of the store asking for change. The song is pretty sad really, but the guys make it so that you can listen without a bleeding heart. This is an excerpt from Wiki; I couldn’t have said it better myself;
“The song is about a neglected and abused girl. Her mother is a prostitute (“Soon she found her mother’s love for all the others”), her father is a criminal (“Daddy he was busted”), and her uncle (“Uncle Salty”) takes care of her (“Left her to be trusted ’till the orphan bleeds”). The little girl, once she’s old enough to make her own decisions, goes into prostitution herself, most likely to try and feel loved. It’s sung from the perspective of the young girl.”

“The window is “key” in this song… And there’s always a key….
What would it be like to be in someone else’s world? It would certainly be nice to maybe not be in this one. It’s a beautiful world… out there.

Off subject from above, if you listen closely, you will hear Steven’s influence of slowing everything down to let it land on you, and affect you. You will also hear Joe’s desire to speed it up, to feel the angst of what the song is about. But the really cool part is how they keep it just this side of “screaming out loud”. It gives the impression of madness. As if when you actually do yell and scream, there are demons being released, as opposed to not screaming, not letting it all out, keeping the demons inside… It only “almost” goes there, but it doesn’t. Further into the list, I will discuss the “Body” of Toys in the Attic, this is one of those songs, enjoy.

By the way, this is Tom’s writing debut…

“Uncle Salty told me stories of a lonely
Baby with a lonely kinda’ life to lead…”

“Her mammy was lusted
Daddy he was busted
They left her to be trusted ’til the orphan bleeds…”

“But when she cried at night no one came
And when she cried at night went insane…”

This is “Uncle Salty”

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