Number 53 – Smoke Her If You Got Her


Oh! Mr. Perry!
Give Me Some Whiskey
2/5ths Will Do…

Sometimes…. SOMETIMES…

I’m not gonna’ pull a lot from this album, but what I do pull are “True ‘Blooze’” Aerosmith, purebred, through and through. It’s who they are, it’s what they are, and this song defines that special kind of sound, that only this band has ever been able to deliver to me, in a non-contrived way. Don’t get me wrong, I love music. I love The Blues. I love Rock n Roll… and so many deliver it well. True blues men like Stevie Ray, with that drawl that’s not only in his voice but in his fingers, The Stones tremendous respect for The Great American Blues from the Black South and Chicago, but these guys give “me” something so very different… It’s like blood to me, it’s like water on hot summer day… it’s refreshing and it’s pure.

The song was originally written and recorded in 1938 by Bill “Jazz” Gillium. Then the Buster Bennett Trio recorded the song, which is probably a bit closer to what the boys were looking for when they put it on the table, and although the basic structure of the song is still there, the boys have a way of “Aerosmith-Izing” it, that brings on a whole new groove, a whole new ear to it… Slowing it down, way down, down slow enough, but strong enough to feel it ooze through their veins, your veins.

The album, and the times have been told, and retold a 100 times just by me, let alone a 10,000 other people, so I won’t go through it all again. However, after their fastest selling album (to date, of the time period), which would soon be mocked as the “Black Out Album”, DTL’s lack of critical acclaim, and support, it seemed as though the wheels were coming off pretty fast… that would play out in all the ugliness that industry could hand out at the time. Thank god there was no social media in 1979!

However, with all that history and what was done and not done, a few gems came out of Night in The Ruts. This song, being one of them. It’s funny really; When I see the song’s title, or even the cover of the album, I feel a little… well, uninterested. But as soon as I hear that slow, hard, deliberate beat of Joey’s drums, those crying guitars, and methodic Bass line of Tom’s, and that harmonica!… That fucking Harmonica! That same simple instrument played by a Master, the same way it took me on the 1st album, I’m 100% embedded in this song, just anticipating, with passion Steven’s voice as he wails this one out!

I’m not fluent enough in music to tell you what kind of guitars were used, or even if Joe actually finished the original recording with a Les Paul, or a Strat, or whether Brad finished this up after Joe left…. What I do know is that this one was a beloved Project song also. Some of, in my opinion, Joe’s best playing EVER! At least when it comes to The Blues. Steven screams it, Joe bleeds it!

Sometimes the blues is just what I wanna’ hear from these guys….

Man, They do it so well… As far as I’m concerned this song was written 41 years earlier for this band! They fucking nail it!

Still love those AeroBlues!!!

Love this stuff!

“Lord I got to drink me two fifths of whiskey
Just to get just to get half as high…”

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