Number 54 – Careful Wit’ Those South Side Ladies

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Just a great song
Same day…
Different shit

This one actually climbed 4 spots from last year. Funny how these songs tend to come back around, and hit me again for the 1st time.

I can’t make this shit up, so I won’t. I’ll keep it brief and straight from the hip.

Typical of the Toxic Twins before they were toxic, the two would get together and come up with a song within minutes. Yep, that quick!… This one is the “same”… Joe sits down picks and slides a riff, and Steven says; “What was that, do that again”.., he scats, and that is that. A song is born. The song was consummated, and born within minutes.

As the story goes; while they were living on Beacon St., hangin’ out, Joe discovered the opening riff. He was still sitting on the amp playing with it, when Steven walked up and just started scatting some random words and sounds right in tune with his riff. Brad joins in with that dueling lead that is so  AEROSMITH… That alone can, and maybe is, the key to this band… Two guitarists perfectly understanding each other, two people in perfect conversation with instruments, as if it’s orchestrated naturally, without a plan. They read each other, and then a singer with a perfect voice, who sings in perfect tune with guitar… Throw in some horns, and Wah La!… Absolutely amazing!

Still a big time favorite of the original Blue Army, don’t be surprised to hear this one this year… Back in the day, they would often make this one a good 6 or 7 minute song with solos from Joe,  and Brad and even spotlighting Tom on Bass, and Steven just scatting words that aren’t even words. If they do this at your show, you have been treated to Aerosmith Gold!

It’s iconic, a true American story of a dude, that just can’t win for losin’. Get yourself a gun, and protect, hide out, because if they find you, that judge’s ass is wound up so tight, you’re gonna’ do time for someone else’s hit. The dude ain’t got enough for the lawyer he needs… And the story being told here, is that this ain’t nothin’ new, happens all the time, everyday…

Such an “upbeat” fun song, it’s so ironic and contrary to the actual lyrics. Sooooo Aerosmith to the core with this one, one of my original favorites as a kid! This is the original “it is what it is” Maybe the only song with the words “constipation” and “hurdy-gurdy” used as lyrics… It was the first single released from Aerosmith’s second album, which was going to be called Night In The Ruts/Right In The Nuts, but of course Columbia had a problem with that, hence “GYW”.

In January of ‘74, they started the ‘Get Your Wings’ tour with a performance at the Michigan Theatre in Detroit… In March the same year the album was released, later peaking at 74 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums chart. The band released three singles; “Same Old Song and Dance”, “Train Kept-A-Rollin'”, and “S.O.S.”; but none of the three made the Top 100 Singles chart. With horrible sales of their 1st album, this song played a vital part in keeping Aerosmith’s 2nd Chance alive.

Although it was never what someone might consider a “hit”, it did stay on Billboard’s Charts for close to a year. It gave the newly formed “Blue Army” something to look forward to, as the tickets for concerts throughout the East and Midwest really started to sell. With heavy promotion from Bruce Lundvall, replacing “Ole Clive Davis”, pushing the band, via Leber and Krebs constant request, since they had so much at stake themselves with this album. The song gave these guys more reason to hit the road, to be seen, to be experienced… And the “Army” grew and grew…

Don’t listen to Columbia’s Greatest Hits version… Stick with the original…

Funny how when shit hits the fan, the people you thought were your friends, ain’t home.

For an old time feel, google up the Texxas Jam version, but for now, let’s go with a newer version that the guys endorse.

Go ahead and “LOVE” this one

“Got’cha wit’cha cocaine, they found wit’chor gun
Say love ain’t the same on the south side of town
You could look but’cha ain’t gonna’ find it around…”

“Fate comes a knockin’
Doors start lockin’…”

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