Number 65 – Hey Hit the Light, Would Ya’…

 Mike 2204 (7)
We’re about to get to the meat of the beat
of Joey’s drum
Pretty soon its going to be time to take a seat
And get some….

There’s a lot goin’ on here!!!!

True, we’re getting; to the meat of this band. Never being one to shy away from the sweet desserts before the main course, but alas, we don’t have many ballads left in the countdown, Although there are still a few of those left, and the bulk of them will come sooner rather than later, I’m hoping ya’all can at least see that we’re turning the first corner, So let’s pick up some much needed “speed” to get the inside “rail”, so we can “slow it down and make it last”, then let the horses loose again on the far straight-away.

There’s no crescendo here. It just “IS” from start to finish! The song is a blast from the very beginning to the end, What a song to just let loose those dueling guitars throwing it back and forth as if you’re inside some kind rapid cyclonic amusement park ride, and it never stops, not until t just runs out of gas…

And isn’t that what the songs all about? Come on, let’s not beat around her bush… I mean “the” bush… the song is all about partying until the sun comes up, with as much white as it takes to get through the night, but this ain’t no private party, It’s free for all and everyone’s invited! Who wants to go first? While Nancy, may be the main character, it’s just a generic name for a backstage floozy… or a few “Suzie’s” with a wild free offering… The problem is, they can’t even take part in the festivities, because of the festivities they’ve already taken part in. But that’s no reason to stop the party, So it’s an open invitation to a whole ‘nother kind of show, where the boys can just sit back, or up and “Get a Grip” and just spectate. You gotta be careful though, because that sun comes up so fast, and the light causes a fright, if you haven’t yet said goodnight.

One of the things you first notice in this song is Joe’s love for slide guitar, but sometimes going unnoticed is Tom’s loose and sliding base riffs. Ya  gotta’ love the husky back up vocals by Karen Lawrence though, right along with Joe on this one. There’s not a whole lot to decipher in the lyrics here. He pretty much graphically tells you straight…

If you lived in that century, you might just get the jist, of what the song’s about, and if you “LIVED” that century, then you know what it’s about. You’ve been there, “Give it up baby, I can’t get it up…”So put on your headphones, turn it up loud, step back into the 70s, hit the light and shut your doors, and if you’re so inclined, go ahead and grab your ankles from behind… Ya gotta give it up!

Here’s my number 65, it ain’t pretty, it’s Aerosmith raunch, It’s Aerosmith nasty, it’s Aerosmith fun!

ps, there are alternate lyrics to this song, if you’re interested, let me know.

“Take me on your rockin’ whores…
Hit the lights and shut your doors…
Grab your ankles everyone…
Ain’t my way of having fun…

“For your fantasies, my ass don’t speculate
I’m just your slave, your master’s bait
And lots of luck into the night
Just waitin’ for the bright light fright…”

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