Number 68 – The Coolest Guy on the Planet

Last year’s top 30,
may have fallen down,
and gotten a bit dirty,
But still stands sturdy…

For any one out there that are true fans of Joe’s you’re gonna love this one! And if you don’t, well I guess that’s cool too…

I’m gonna’ keep this one short and sweet. Not sure what it is about this guy… While he doesn’t really need the introduction, he also never seems to get the introduction he deserves.

My daughter says I have a total “Man Crush” on this guy. That’s probably very true. Not in any way gay thing, “not that there’s anything wrong with that”… but damn! I’d just like to go cliff jumping, and have a BBQ with this guy. I often post him as “The Coolest Guy on the Planet”, and I truly believe that. I think every single band member believes that too. Hell even to the point that it upsets some of them sometimes. But I also don’t think he started out that way, or even makes any effort to be that way. I truly think this guy was a real geek at a young age, but because he just did “his thing” and stayed true to himself, his emergence into cool, was a something sensational to watch. Most people that are geeks, or nerds somewhere in life, are aware of it, and because of that awareness, they try “REALLY” hard to be someone else. This man just followed himself. Nothing more to it. I don’t even think he even knows to this day his own level of cool. And that sense of self, that sense of humility accentuates the “cool”

Joe really never was that great of a singer, and he will be the first to tell you that, but there are some songs that are just made for Joe, at least Aerosmith (recorded) songs, ‘Combination’, ‘Stop Messin Round’, ‘Something’… I’m not so sure about ‘Bright Light Fright’, that one’s kind of a mess, but he sure can sing the Blues… ‘Back Back Train’ is another great tune sung by Joe. I’m thinking though, his best effort may just be this one.

In the first 30 years of his career, Joe was relentlessly compared to Keith, and although, he does respect, and was even influenced by the Stones, I think a lot of what that was about, was a resemblance more than sound and style. I think his major influences are a combination of funk, and hard hitting blues, which is where ‘The Meters’, and Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Peter Green (early Fleetwood Mac), and Jimi Hendrix come in. Later in his career you can hear influences from everyone from Sly and the Family Stone to STP, to Chuck Berry to U2, and yes, even Angus Young. One of the reasons I think, that Aerosmith continues to grow, continues to remain relevant on the music scene, one reason why they are not just a “Classic Rock” band doing County Fairs, is because of Joe’s constant desire to grow as a guitarist. To not only find new sounds, but to remain true to his roots. That’s not easy to do without getting lost along the way. Joe seems to do it, almost without noticeable effort. But doesn’t that describe Joe… effortless?… Not bad for a guy who never had a lesson.

This one is a treat. It’s a blues song written by Jimi Hendrix, and originally recorded in ’66. The song is a slow twelve-bar blues, “one of the most traditional in sound and form of all his official recordings”. It really does sound an awful lot like a sped up California Nights. I’m not that much of critic, but I think you could insert ‘Red House” lyrics in ‘California Nights’ and just sing it just a bit slower, and no one would know the difference… But that’s just me.

This is from 2011 Rock for the Rising Sun Tour. Not the best quality but worth it….

“Now wait a minute
I think something’s wrong here
The key won’t unlock this fucking door
Something bad just because of it
My baby don’t want me no more

That’s her loss, that’s my gain…”

Cause if my baby don’t
Love me no more
I know her sister will…”

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