Number 73 –1974 Was a Good Year for Some, Namely the Boys from Sunapee, But Not This Boy


Namely the Boys From Sunapee…
Not So Much for This One…

Creating what they would later call their “1st True Record”. They were starting to get an idea of what they wanted to do, what direction they wanted to take. For me, I was an 11-12 year old boy with nothing left.

Still just a young boy, the “Last Child of 9”, it was a little rougher than most others I knew. It would be a few years still, before I would even know what a Gibson Guitar was, or the difference between a harmonica, and an accordion… Well, I knew, but I wasn’t much interested, I really didn’t care. All I cared about was what I lost. Probably a bit too involved in my “Ma tellin’ me about her ordeal, and her soul she could not feel”, after all…. in her eyes, Papa died

Trying to put a poetic twist on divorce, and the leftovers of what was once a proud and happy family. Youngest Child of 9, all I knew was that my family was split like a bag of chips at lunch time, never to experience that feeling of belonging again. Loneliness is just a part of lawyer’s settlement agreement, only “aloneness” is the reality. You can try, but you just can’t go home.

The 4 oldest, already out of the house, the next 3 went with dad, the two youngest with mom, along with a scarlet letter attached. In those days, divorce was a disease other moms kept their kids away from, as if it was a contagion. “There’s a lot going on there”, it’s funny, at an early age i got a sense of who your friends really are, or at least who their parents will allow. But the essence was that I was spaced in time, with out even knowing how to survive. That would hold true for the rest of my life. Knowing just enough, to know I really don’t care…

Trying to hide from the pains, of the others who knew what I didn’t… Who knew the instability of my beloved mother… Who knew that she couldn’t hold it together, but didn’t know how to tell ME, or wouldn’t. Or even what to say… Not even my sisters, who were once blood, but were now mere acquaintances in my life. My father who was nothing more than a man who once lived in the same house…

The song is hauntingly close to my story. It’s bleakness, it’s emptiness, it’s desire to just have someone else who cares, but not even knowing if what you feel is real. And when someone does care, you throw it away before it throws you away. There are no tears. Does that mean you don’t feel? Or you’ve felt it all, and there’s no more? You want to touch, but all that you touch dissolves. It just empties like a bucket of sand. The desire for something more, never realizing that there isn’t any…

You hear in this song, the combination of Joe’s desire to play loud and fast, and Steven’s desire to slow it down and make the listener anticipate.

We were just starting to get an idea of who, and what this group was going to be. Not just one lead guitar, but two. Like Aerosmith’s music, that takes you for a ride, we start to hear the same ride in Steven’s voice, the depth, the range. The first glimpses of the Demon of Screamin’.

If you play this one loud, you will get the feel. The feel of screams in space. No one will hear. No one will know. The guitars slowly climb to a dynamically loud and hard echo that leaves you ricocheting from wall to wall, but without a wall at all… A relentless, just under loud, drum beat… makes you feel as though it/you will never reach what you’re trying to grasp. It never gets louder, never gets closer. It’s a song that leaves you wanting more from it, but there is no more.

With Jack at the helm of production, they were able to pull a sound out of this song that was both deep, and totally empty at the same time. It’s been said that the song is an example of a world without faith, without saving. It exemplifies destruction, a nothing-ness in the end. It gets that point across. I like the song for its artistic approach to the world as some see it, at least to those who feel alone.

It’s not asking for help, It’s not looking for help, It’s not crying, or pulling heart strings… It just “is”. It’s a realist’s approach to a world without anything to offer.

There really is nothing more to say…
This is “Spaced”




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