Number 74 – The Soft, Quiet Anger Before the Slam of the Door

Wasn’t here yesterday
But today it will stay

Change the opening lines of the first intro/verse to the man in the mirror, probably makes more sense. This song was going to be #76, but then somethin’ stopped it from happening. Was I tired of the song? Was it about 2 ½ minutes too long? Was it too much? Was it too close to home?

Is it the blues? Is it a premise to a lot of today’s Country Music? Is it a form of Pop, or Rock? Not sure if you can categorize it. It’s just Aerosmith doing what they do best. But because it’s all of the above, and then none of it too, maybe that’s why it never reached higher than 17 on America’s Hot 100.

The song was actually written by Steven and Joe and Desmond back in ’87, and was supposed to be part of ‘Vacation’, but apparently Kalodner and the powers that be, or were, thought it was too similar to Angel… Hmm, maybe it was… Maybe they re-worked it before we got the final version, but if you ask me, it’s not even frickin’ close! Even if the structure were similar, which it’s not all that much, the songs are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Who knows, maybe it was a Power Ballad in ’87. But now it’s just…. Hell, I don’t know what it is, it’s just Aerosmith. A squirrel told me that yesterday, and I listened.

The video for the song would earn the group a Grammy Award for Best performance by a Rock Duo or Group in 1999. Still trying to figure that one out; The lack of “Ultimate” commercial success on a song as good as this one was, and yet win a Grammy?? Scratch my head on that one… The video for the song, was the most requested video of it’s time on MTV, probably in large part due to Ms. Silverstone’s 3rd appearance as the rebel teenage girl in an Aerosmith video that (at the time) pushed the envelope of society’s morals and better judgment to a point of desired risqué and hedonism. Then to have Steven’s daughter, as the Pole Dancing co-star, with a touch of forbidden lesbian under tones, was the ‘crème’ on the cake… so-to-speak. Just what America’s youth was starving for at the time, to make it VH1’s number 23 video of all time..

The song though… Let’s get back to the song. Sure it might be a tad too long, and I’m no musical intellect, so “forgive me if I seem out of line”, but the structure has everything I have loved about this band from the start. First and foremost; It’s a great story! Then add in the hook that got me in 1976… That same harmonica I heard on “One Way Street”! Absolute perfection to set the mood! The timing of the Bass, and Drum line, is inflection to set the scene against the vocals of that Aerosmith “Bloozy” feel. The start of the song’s lead guitar almost faint as if it’s something that’s just stewing, waiting to come out, even if it’s in futility…. A pleading of sorts, knowing that it doesn’t matter anyway. The addition of Steven’s play on mandolin, gives it that sound of a hopeless romantic, that you want to pull for like the underdog, the song’s narrator is. And the lyrics….Where do you go, from the best you ever had?

“That kinda lovin’ makes me wanna pull down the shade… yeah
That kinda love… yeah
Now I’m never never never never gonna be the same”

Joe’s solo is the weeping, the twisting, the turning of emotions. It’s the pulling “him” back, It’s the demanding “she” not leave. It’s the soft anger before the slam of the door. It tells you the only place to go from there is insane… It’s the moment before “alone”. It’s the moment before the door opens and shuts for the last time. It’s the last conversation as “he” walks out of the bedroom, it’s ‘her” suitcase packed, walking out the door, and you’re following, trying, pleading, wanting desperately to keep what you got, because as bad as it is… it will never be this good again…

Twenty One years later, Liv is a is out of High School… Yeah shocker, she was in high school when it was filmed. Hard to believe right? Alicia the “Super Star to Be”, mainly fell out of the limelight, some say by choice. The boys are now Grandparents 10 times over. Now how old does that make us?

The song was taken out of the list yesterday by mood, and put back in today because of mood. Funny how fast things can change sometimes… But sometimes they’ve been changing longer than we realize.

“What can I do… honey
I feel like the color blue…”


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