Number 75 – What a Time For a Meltdown

May not be one of my best picks
But it still kicks

What a spot in the list for this song… Kind of in a “rut” for writing right now. Sometimes life is just a little fucked up, and sometimes it goes off like a fucking nuclear blast.

In March of 1979, the facility called Three Mile Island down the Susquehanna River from Middleton, PA, was the location where the largest American Nuclear accident in history took place. Although no one was hurt, and there was no proof of cancers, or any thing of the like, that ever took place, the event was as scary to the people that lived close by, as the thought of a nuclear bomb going off in their neighborhoods would be…

Kind of a strange metaphor when you think about it…. Something so huge, so gigantic, with more energy than we can even comprehend can have a “meltdown”, and basically seize to exist… A tiny crack, a small glass of spilt milk. But the reality of it was, there was a lot more going on in there, than we would ever know…

1979 was a bad year in more ways than one. A year when during the recording of “Right in The Nuts”, the band had met their peak, and knew it was all downhill from there. And to make matters worse, Columbia Records put a halt on the recording of the album, and directed the band to “immediately” hit the road again, in order to create the revenue needed to finish what they started…. Not a good idea! Without rehearse time, without self and professional prep time, the tour was a “nuclear” disaster!

Everything was coming to a head, the drugs were taking all future control out of these guys lives, and then on top of that, you have Leber & Krebs, along with Label execs “sucking” on the guys like it was the last tit, to have any milk in it. Sure, Elyssa was…. well, she was a bitch, and created more issues than solutions, but the fact is; these guys were already headed down a “One Way Street”, and Joe…. Joe was pissed. Pissed at the world! Probably a lot of reasons still unknown to the general public, but it’s my hunch that Joe, needed a boost. As strong a personality as Joe has, he needs that someone to push him. The problem is that, sometimes we push back, when we should of just kept going.

For the longest time Joe was being pushed by two people very close to him, Steven and Elyssa. They were pushing him to be the same thing, but pushing him in different directions. And “When Push Comes to Shove”, 9 times out 10, you’re gonna go with the one who can give you something the other can’t. It was never Steven’s intention at the time to be “bigger” than Joe, his only intent was to be big, and “The band” to be just as big, if not, bigger. But in Elyssa’s eyes, everything was intentional, and when you can whisper in Joe’s ear at night, rather than yell at him in the morning, well you can see my point.

It’s my belief, that even today; Joe needs that someone to inspire him, to motivate him. I’m not saying Joe doesn’t have, or can’t do this himself, just saying, he needs that someone to “push” him to the next level. So, thank god for Billie, right?

During the making of the album, the guys were seriously trying to get, to find, to pull that creative magic from “Toys”, and “GYW”, but when you’re a drug addict dabbling in music, that’s hard to do. Sometimes it’s easier to run, than face the truth…

The song on the album that blew up is a song about a meltdown. The irony is amazingly prophetic. Some say, they were trying to be environmentally conscious. Maybe, maybe not, but what I hear is a song written about an event, that came out “pretty good”. It’s my feeling that if they were going for depth, they failed, but if they were going for that true Aerosmith sound from earlier albums, I think they “almost” nailed it. Maybe if Jack was there, who knows? Who knows, it might have been another DTL?… But I hear Milk Cow in here, I hear Pandora, I hear Lead Out…. It’s in there. It’s just missing something. Money? Conviction? Coherency? I’m willing to enjoy the song for what it is. Personally I love the relation to the song’s namesake, the accident, and if they were trying to give notice to a meltdown…. Well, they certainly accomplished that.

“A take a look take a look at my old billy goat
He used to raise all kinds of hell
A he took a dose of radiation dope
A back in the barn is where he felt like hell…”

This is “Three Mile Smile”




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