Number 78 – If You’ve Heard It Before, Take Another Listen For The 1st Time…”

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Come on Joe, It’s Pretty damn Good!

Sometimes I wonder if Mary and I are the only ones that liked this album. I mean I know it sold 240,000 copies the 1st week, with a little help from this song, and another off the record, which no doubt helped it debut at #2, but the reality is, it’s actually hard to find a favorable review of the record. We can’t be the only ones! Can we? Shit! It’s sold 1.3 million copies as of 2007, I would imagine it has to be close to 2 million by now!

So, why was this album so disliked by so many? Maybe because it lacks the depth? Matter of opinion, if you ask me… Maybe because of the commercialism of the record, with Dodge being the driving sponsor of the tour? I’ve seen worse sell-outs, and even then, I’m not sure they sold out, as much as cashed in. The album, like many others through the band’s career, didn’t receive too many favorable reviews. I sometimes wonder if the critics let the music even sink in, before inking their pen.

Even if those reasons, and more are the case, this is not new for Aerosmith. These guys to me, are like an old worn in pair of your favorite blue jeans, or boots. When you first try them on, sometimes they’re a bit harsh in a lot of places. Sometimes it just takes a bit to let them form to you. And when that happens? They’re all you want to wear.

It actually took me quite a while, to “get this”. One of the things I like most about this band in particular, is that they are able to push the edge. They’re not afraid to try new things, to go places they’ve never been before, and take their fans to places they might not be readily comfortable with. But like any relationship, you need to have trust. I think part of the appeal with this band, is that they’ve never failed to satisfy my expectations, but they’ve also pushed my own horizons in regards to appreciation for their music., even if it takes me a while to come around. As I said, it’s like any relationship, you have to have an open mind to the personal growth of who you’re in a relationship with. We all know those people, who are virtually stuck in a time machine of sorts. It’s sad really, that some just never see the tree that seedling grew into.

Mary liked it immediately, but for me, not unlike a lot of Aerosmith records of days gone by, it took me a little bit to appreciate what they were doing, and where they were going. I can clearly remember when DTL came out; Initially I thought it was…. Well, … a “noisy mess”. Took me a little while to get GAG too, and even longer for Nine Lives.

I kept listening though, I trusted that these guys were giving me something new and unique. Although I will still admit, there’s a dog or two on here, but they’re damn good dogs! There’s also some tremendous gems! Maybe, just maybe, this band stays in front, and rides the crest of the wave, because they don’t sit back and wait for the next one. They don’t get too comfortable. They always seem to be just a little bit ahead of their time. I wonder if the critics would go back and gave it ‘another’ listen for the ‘1st time’, if they’d like it? And being a surfer in my younger days, I’m gonna ride that wave with them. I’m not gonna’ stay back and wait for one I’m comfortable with, I’ve rode that one before… a lot!

This one isn’t the “best” song on the album, but for me, this album is so good, that the songs I picked from it just can’t be lower than 79. I love the jazzy, almost R&B drums to open the song up. I realize Joe doesn’t like the fact that no one was together during the making of it, and never wants to make a record this way again, and that’s cool. But I like what came out of it. If they pieced it together, then they’re way more artistic, than I could have ever imagined.

This is a fantastic song in and of itself. It transitions from a dead phone line to maracas, and an almost Indian sounding lone guitar, to a sort of bongo type effect from the drums, exploding into two guitars doing their own thing in concert with each other. Two very different guitar styles marrying each other, for a feel that is almost “frazzelled” with emotion. This is where Steven fills the void that Joe and Brad give him, with that deep Demon of Screamin’ style that is so uniquely Aerosmith. It’s a man that takes the woman from another man, because he sees in her in the light that the other man CAN’T! He gives her what the other couldn’t. He sings with anger, and exasperation, and resent! The song in itself, exudes the very definition of the album. It exemplifies stagnation of one, while another evolves, and those who recognize that evolution, and benefit from it, while the stagnant whither. Are you stagnant? Are you open, are you a “One Way Street”?

There’s a lesson in this song guys & girls. Doesn’t matter the sex. as much as you all think it might be about loving her or him, before someone else does, it’s a little bit more than that. There’s guys AND girls out there that will take, and give, just because they can, the question is;…Can you?

“You gave up the love you got and a that is that
She loves me now she loves you not
And that’s a where it’s at…
Just when you thought ’chor love was deep
It’s finders keepers losers… weep… yeah… daa”

“Full on lust to full on love without no clue
And all I was so unsure of and a then came you
Into my life it served me right
Nobody ever did it quite… like you”

This is Beyond Beautiful!


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