Number 80 –Still Has a Moment in The Sun, Time To Watch the Boys Have some Fun

Still has a moment in the sun
Time to watch the boys have some fun

I was just telling Susan, and my wife Mary that “this one” probably should have been 95… another mistake…Hangman really got the chair pulled from under it…..Every time i see a song that should have been lower on the Top 100, I feel sorry for Hangman… LOL! Yeah, I’m weird like that.

Well, I guess I can say; thank god for Aerosmith. Before this song came out, we had songs of the same title by such artists as; Kiss, which might be one of the “All-Time Worst” rock songs of all time. Then there was the “pre curser’ to sexual innuendo, with the very tame and ”sweet” song by the Platters in 1956. and of course the Mike Oldfield 80’s Pop “Crap” that just “blows” mid 80’s mom jeans and female mullets all over the air waves… So for those reasons alone, we needed a song with this title to at least make us forget what can’t be unheard…

Like I said above, my struggle with this one is a song like “Hangman’ should be higher, this should be lower, but we will “Soldier” on. The song itself lacks real depth, real meaning to me. Aerosmith has always been able to personalize songs for most of their fans, but this one just stops short of that. Like most Aerosmith fans, I’m a fan of Tyler’s lyrical genius, and I think this song falls tremendously short. Almost like “filler’… written in collaboration with Jim Valance, I can’t say, or assume who had the bulk of the lyrics, but to me, at least lyrically, it seems unfinished.

But that does not mean that vocals aren’t top notch, and maybe that’s just a sample of why it’s on my list. And way more than that though, this is a song where the band outshines the singer by leaps and bounds. The music is so strong! It’s driving from note one, beat one! It’s forceful! It’s two guitars leading a frenzy of emotion, of showmanship! Giving from one to other through Joey’s relentless hard hits! It’s all in conjunction, no one in front of the other, each playing their own part, but together… It doesn’t stop! It just keeps pulling you! Pushing you! Steven exercises his trademark instrumental vocals along with the Joe and Brad…

Joe has often said; that he understands that “The Frontman” gets all the press, and all the adulations from the adoring fans and press, and often wishes the band could just get a little more credit… Well, Joe, this song is a moment for the band to shine. Nothing deep here, just deep Aerosmith Rock n Roll. Just let it go you guys! How hard Joey!?!?

Just a damn good song. Joey just bangs on the cans like there’s no tomorrow, Joe and Brad both just duel and keep the pace. Fast song! Tom drives it home with heavy repetition! And of course Tyler primal screams…
Fun song….

“Don’t try to take me for a fool child who child
A do you think that’choo are …”

“You never know what’cha got
‘Til they take it away… ”


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