Number 83 – Maybe He Already Came Back and No One Noticed


Trippy song here… Great lick by Brad! “bout time it’s get some play, right? Brad told Rolling Stone that he’d been playing with it for a bout 15 years or so. He says he picked it up playing with the guys from the Jimmy Hendrix Experience, and tried to emulate the great Albert King’s style of blues play… I think he did a great job! Love the licks in this song. You can also hear kind of a “borrow” from Toys within. The band even recorded the lick as a demo, and jammed with it quite a few times over those years, but it just never found a home… At least until the session for MFAD were underway…

Brad was playing with it, from what I understand, and like most lyrics for the band get started, Steven heard it and just stopped what he was doing, turned to Brad and said; “Hey, what’s that!?!?!” Steven sat down at the piano, and started playing along with Brad. One thing led to another, got some scat, got some one liners, and some of his own hole in his shoes memories mixed with memories of a dude in L.A. on Fairfax and Melrose, who dresses like Jesus in a long gown all the way down over his sandled feet; “After that thief I ran Into another man who had no feet”, and a song is born.

Steven says the tempo and speed reminds him a lot of “Jailbait”, I don’t know… maybe. But I like what the song says, if it says anything at all… In my view, my opinion it simply says; careful who you hate, your fate may be in his hands…

What if he already came back, and no one noticed?

“Placate and vacate’ chor mind
Too late to make hate you’ll find
You won’t get too many tries
Love is the love of my lives…”

This is; “Street Jesus”


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