Number 87 – We’re The World’s Best Garage Band…

Don’t be late on the countdown to a
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This one wasn’t even near my list last year…

Maybe because, I just don’t really think they ever “owned” it. I don’t mean that in a business or property sense, I mean that in a pride sense…

As Joe says; they are, and always have been America’s Best and most successful “Garage Band” ever.

Garage bands cover great songs, that’s what they do. But what makes a band really stand out is when they can do a cover, better than the originals did it. IE: Come Together, Milk Cow, Walkin’ The Dog, even Train… The boys definitely do this one well, Shit! Better than “well”, they do it great, just not sure if it’s better than the original. I don’t know, maybe it is to everyone but me. But that would be hard to believe, because I was never a “huge” fan of the original artists, like everyone else was… I was in Camp “Stones”, but I will agree with some people’s opinions that the key writer of this song wrote THIS SONG for bands such as Aerosmith to take it, and run with it.
This song is kind of a Prototype for a 70’s sound that so many tried to not only emulate, but expand upon. So for that reason alone, I’m giving it a spot here.
It’s one of those songs written to feel the grunge, the dirty, the loud, and the wildness of where the writer himself was taking not just the song, not just the album, but the genre of Rock N Roll. He was to trying produce a melody with speed… McCartney read an interview with Pete Townsend in Guitar Player Magazine, where interviewer wrote that the Who’s song “I Can see For Miles” was the loudest dirtiest rawest, dirtiest song the Who had ever recorded. Paul, in that very restrained British accent, was like “Whateva man! I can beat that!” So an inner challenge was made.
Paul wrote the song, as in his words, to be; “the most raucous vocal, the loudest drums, etcetera” and said he was “using the symbol of the title of the song as a ride from the top to the bottom; the rise and fall of the Roman Empire—and this was the fall, the demise…
To further Paul’s competitive spirit, in an interview in 1968, he basically called the interviewer out as a fraud by saying this about this song, and where the inspiration came from; “…Umm, that came about just ’cause I’d read a review of a record which said, ‘and this group really got us wild, there’s echo on everything, they’re screaming their heads off.’ And I just remember thinking, ‘Oh, it’d be great to do one. Pity they’ve done it. Must be great — really screaming record.’ And then I heard their record and it was quite straight, and it was very sort of sophisticated. It wasn’t rough and screaming at all, and no tape echo at all. So I thought, ‘Oh well, we’ll do one like that, then.’ And I had this song called “Helter Skelter,” which is just a ridiculous song. So we did it like that, ‘cuz I like noise.”
I think the last line/sentence from Paul’s quote appeals most to the Bad Boys of Boston… “I like noise”, not to mention their whole career is a roller coaster riding from top to bottom, and all over again. So the song fits for this band to cover it, and they do it very well… And who knows, if they just ever really owned it, it might’ve been higher on the list…
I will say this though; many many big names have covered it and fell pretty damn short. Not sure why, but I think most bands try to have restraint within a song that is supposed to be without restraint. The Crue destroyed it, Siouxsie and the Banshees made a mockery of it, Pat Benatar, came close to justice, Dana Fuchs maybe did it best in the movie; “Across the Universe”.
However, the song needs more than a powerful voice, which Dana has, and of course we all know ST has no problem showing off… But it needs Brad and Joe, and Tom and Joey! That’s what the song needs… ‘No Restraint”. But it really needs more than that, it needs that edge that cuts. That edge that is both rough and sharp at the same time… It needs Steven’s counterpart, his mirror image; it needs that Joe Perry energy!
It’s a fun one to see live! … Too bad there aren’t many vids online that prove that.
Have some fun with it

Just let Joe go…

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