Number 88 – It’s About Time to Recline With a little Lime in My Brine…

It’s about time, for some recline…
with a little lime, in my brine…

Kind of a “ trip”
Not sure this one was even in my top 100 last year???
I have one thing that says it was 88, another that says it was an “H.M.”
Who knows? Sometimes I kinda’ think I’m brain dead

If “Get Your Wings” was a 2nd chance to the lackluster initial success of their 1st album, and their “come back” album, “Done With Mirrors” was a 3rd chance that turned into a total disaster, then this album was a 4th chance, and boy did the band make the most of it!

Could this have been a very deep take on the whole “Collaboration idea” with the likes of Desmond Child, Jim Vallance and Holly Knight? Or…. could it have been a play on the 1980 short film by Jim Jarmusch of the same title? Reviews were common across the board of that movie such as;
“Good God was this a hard film to sit through??!!

Was this Steven and Brad’s way of saying to Bruce and John;
“Are we Fucking done yet!?!?”
“I need to get away!”

But the reality is, they knew they needed help. It was the 80’s now, no more 70s. It was like waking from a 10 year nap. So they were ready, willing, and able, but that didn’t make it easy to give up total control. Giving control to people that were hip on making 80s stars out of Bon Jovi, Heart, and Starship… No offense intended there, all those bands had tons… well, some talent, it just wasn’t that “Raw” Aerosmith type of talent.
Besides, that was a lot of fucking hair!

So with all that help;, Brad and Steven sat down by themselves and wrote a silly little diddie, about getting away from the every day stresses of life. Maybe the everyday stresses of working with people you don’t know…But it’s also tongue in cheek. At the time, they truly welcomed the help…

This song was one of the last ones written to fill an empty spot on the album, so you can assume, the “Thank god it’s almost over” persona of the song… And better than that, you feel the anticipation of getting there. Packing your bags, the whole “throwing the papers in the air saying; “Fuck this shit I’m outta here!” attitude!

Some of the reviews though, as you might expect from the likes of Rolling Stone, were less than well received. And of course they LOVE to pull that Jagger/Richards card every chance they get, but they also had some good things to say. Sometimes I wonder though, if anyone at Rolling Stone Magazine really gets these guys???

Rolling Stone:
“Although Aerosmith was slagged for nearly two decades as sloppy Stones seconds…”
…one of the dumbest moves of a checkered career. They’ve tried to make a hit record. And they’ve not only included uncharacteristic odes to fidelity, but also In a desperate attempt to clean up their act for Eighties radio, they’ve recruited Desmond Child, Jim Vallance and Holly Knight — last year’s hitmakers.
More from Rolling Stone; I guess this was nice… I think???
“Aerosmith is probably the most influential hard-rock band of the 70s. Joe Perry’s sting and stance and Steven Tyler’s scarfs and squawk have provided role models and bad attitudes for Bon Jovi, Cinderella, Ratt, Mötley Crüe and every band being signed out of L.A. today.”…. “The good news is that it can’t be done. Bon Jovi-Lover-boy producer Bruce Fairbairn sticks ’em with “Jon Boy” backgrounds, and Desmond Child sics ’em with “Angel” (so sappy it could make Ann Wilson choke), but the raw, dirty edges of the Aerosmith of old slash through the power schmaltz. And even though none of the heavier packs the hooks of Aerosmith’s finest moments, the band has never sounded better or more charged. “…
None of that review mentions the song… maybe that’s why it’s only #89, but I love the classic Aerosmith; “let’s have some fun” attitude; rates the song as one of their Top 5 “Vacation Songs” behind VH’s Beautiful girls and Lindsey Buckingham’s “Holiday Road”… and also quips; that “Congress passed a law several years ago declaring that any discussion of career- saving albums must begin with Aerosmith’s shocking 1987 multi-platinum comeback LP ‘Permanent Vacation.’
The composition takes you there, they take you there with the steel drums and the roar of the prop “Aero”plane… They want to go there, and you’re going with them…
The album has sold over five million copies in the U.S… and that count was long ago.

This was Aerosmith’s true ‘Come back ” album…

Who wants to go to St. Tropez, and Have some fun??!!
Oh. My, my, my, my…

” I gotta take me on a permanent vacation
The girl’s be cummin’ down in Cayman Brack
I gotta hand it to a firm situation
Yeah yeah got to cut me some slack …”

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