Number 91 – Follow Me People, but Don’t Forget To Put a Dollar in the Hat

Self explanatory… Been going on for milleniums.

I love Joe’s screaming guitar, Tom’s heavy Bass line, and Joey’s lead with the High Hat followed by a hard and heavy rhythm…

So many people see this one differently. Probably not a bad thing really. I mean isn’t that what music should be? An interpretation of the listener?

My wife Mary, says it reminds her of “Long ago, in days untold”, of times that were “Ruled by Lords of Greed”… She has her own vision, going back to the knights of the Templar… Of people fighting in their minds, for “God”, but not totally comfortable with what they believe in, or what they’re fighting for, but praying for guidance all the same… Maybe that’s because of the verse about the “sword”..

For me though, it’s a lot more obvious. No hidden meanings here. This is the time in American History when the curtain was pulled to reveal the “Wizard” was just a man, and a weak man at that. Not weak for giving into carnal desires, but for the charade that followed. The destruction of people’s hope.. The destruction of people’s beliefs in nothing real…

In the early 80’s there was a surge of “”Tel-Evangelists” over the American TV networks. This was a phenomena that had it’s roots in that Sunday morning radio broadcasts that went far back in time. The same types of radio broadcasts that the Stones Lampooned in “The Girl With Far Away Eyes”
“Well the preacher kept right on saying that all I had to do was send
Ten dollars to the church of the sacred bleeding heart of Jesus
Located somewhere in Los Angeles, California
And next week they’d say my prayer on the radio
And all my dreams would come true

See that’s the trouble with these people… they don’t just Pray with you, they prey ON YOU! And as long as there will be the Red, White, and Blue… and a Walmart, there will be the people who will pay for a dream without a note, and people willing to promise that dream will come true, without a contract.

Three of these people were the infamous Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker, and of course who could forget the streams of tears rolling down the cheeks of Jimmy Swaggert. In 1987 and the the year leading up to it, the Bakkers were investigated fraudulent “fund Raising”, selling Lifetime memberships at $1,000.00 a pop, which gave buyers entitlement to a 3 night stay at a luxury hotel… Problem was in the math. You can’t sell what you don’t have. Bakker kept half the 3.4 million, and paid off his floozy Jessica Hahn a whopping (in those days) $280,000 dollars to keep quiet, who he was turned onto by the way, by another TV Papa Preacher… anyway, Jessica basically said; “F that”, I can do playboy and make a hell of a lot more! So she did just that!

The saying; “Fall on the Sword”, basically means;
To commit suicide by allowing one’s body to drop onto the point of one’s sword.
To resign from a job or other position of responsibility, especially when pressured to do so.
The saying; “Lay down your Sword”, basically means;
To surrender your fight, to give into God, to give into Jesus

Aerosmith calls these people out very blatantly, no hidden meanings, no bullshit! They tell them of the damage they’ve done… The sword they’ve used to lead with, is stained with their followers’ blood. Maybe not in a literal sense, but let’s go back to who these people preyed on. Some people gave their savings, their hard earned money. And by doing so, and selling them down the river, they used that sword against them. They have their own people’s blood on their sword. The sword they used to falsely capture people’s belief in Jesus’ name, must now be surrendered at Jesus’ feet…

Funny how it comes back to Mary’s vision of the song;
“Long ago, in days untold”, of times that were “Ruled by Lords of Greed”… people fighting in their minds, for “God”, but not totally comfortable with what they believe in, or what they’re fighting for, but praying for guidance all the same…”

This song may have been filler on the album at the time. But it’s damn good!

Lay down your bloody sword

“Heal me Jesus heal me Jesus
And God said send me your money tonight
Heal me Jesus heal me Jesus
I said hurry hurry hurry…”

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