Number 94 – Sleep Is Overrated – Steven Baby, How would You Like a Hit Record?

It’s a shame to me that it takes a ballad written by someone else to give this band their rewards for long time paid dues… But as long as you connect, you might as well connect one of the best.

I guess a lot of “Pop” type people really loved this song, but for those us that didn’t partake in the very feminine Musical movie or Broadway scene, she was a literal unknown. But hey… you take what you can get, right? Besides, the boys still made this “Thing” a very Aerosmith song. I guess I’m a little like Joe when it comes to ballads though, and I’m okay with that. I’ll say it now though, I feel like I gave number 95 a short shrift…

The movie was such a Blockbuster, that it helped the song debut as #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 on Sept 5, 1998, and stayed there for 4 weeks straight.

Funny thing about “Pop”, being short for popular, is that unless you’re still in High School, a lot of people don’t like to have that association, as if it’s a mark of something shallow, less intellectual, less of a “deeper meaning”, less “true passion”. So what do you do with a Pop song that has all that, with a ribbon and a bow on it…? You ride it like the best roller coaster in the park. It doesn’t matter how long the line is, or how big the crowd is, as a matter of fact, it makes it even more rewarding.

When Liv called her Dad to tell him about the being offered the role of leading lady in the Movie, she told him, she thought it was “Too Commercial”… That’s a corporate word for “Too Popular”. He told her; “there’s nothing wrong with being a household name”. Good advice. Being popular has always opened doors to the pool with deeper waters. Funny thing though, as some great folklore goes, when she called him Aerosmith hadn’t yet been approached by Jerry Bruckheimer to record for the soundtrack. You can see the doors opening, right? Great advice dad! If not, maybe U2 would have had this as their number 1?

Most of you read the story of how Steven and Diane Warren “finished” what she had written, so I won’t repeat it. But damn it’s an impressive story, which also tells the difference between a true singer and songwriter putting a hit together, as opposed to a writer and pop artist creating a song for airplay. I love Steven’s quote in DTNIMHBY when he writes about never having that #1. Wring great songs, even better after being sober for about a decade. He was questioning the gods and everything and everyone as to why he didn’t have a #1;
“…unbeknownst to me I was cursed, cursed as Cain, doomed as Captain Ahab. The seven Plagues of Egypt… all fell on ME!… Did I desecrate the Pharoa’s tomb? Did I violate some dire taboo? Is there someone somewhere putting pins a voodoo doll?…
Or… was it the Faustian bargain I made with the Bitch Goddess of BILLBOARD, when she whispered in my ear, “Steven baby how would you like a hit record?”
Fuck yeah, I’ll do anything to have a number 1 hit record!”
“Maybe I shouldn’t have said that…”
there’s more to that story as it goes, but I won’t dictate it, I’ll just say, if you don’t know the story, or have forgotten it, read Chapter 13.5 “again” for the 1st time…

Great story! Pretty good video, especially since Steven just had his feet operated on… Joe was recovering from knee surgery, I know both the pains of Steven’s Morton’s Neuronal and Joe’s blown knee, and how it feels to let them go too long without surgery. Fantastic job guys! The video went on to become MTV’s 2nd most popular video of 1998 only behind Brandy and Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine”… Did somebody say something about Pop being shallow?

Joe maybe explained it best to Classic Rock magazine 2002:
“At the time, we just didn’t have the time to settle down and do it. We were out on the road, so they brought us in to see the movie and said ‘here’s the song, this is where it fits into the movie, and you can do it if you want.’ So we were in the studio within the next three days cutting it. And yeah, we do wish that we’d had a little more time, so that we could have had a shot at writing it, but it was perfect timing. The song was great, people loved it, and I don’t think people care that much who wrote it.”
However you can sense Joe’s distaste for a Pop song “Ballad” of all things becoming their first Billboard #1. But he also knows to give it the respect it needs and deserves.

So with that said; for all the hope less romantics, the feminine side, the Pop fans, here is Aerosmith take on Pop Ballads, here is your first number 1. Like Joe, I give it respect to get in the Top 100, but personally i favor another song from movie, which we will see much higher on this list at least.

What lyrics to quote???

“For all the rest of time
Yeah (yeah)
Yeah (yeah)

I don’t wanna’ miss a thing…

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