Number 96 – All the Way From Taj Mahal… Baby It’s No Surprise

Up 3 spots from last year, so that says something… right?

Most of this was written last year, but edited for any new feelings, or take on it.

Like Aerosmith has been for me since day one, often times when a new song or new album comes out, it takes me a bit to warm up to it…. Wait…that’s not entirely true, because the very first time I heard “Movin’ Out”, “One Way Street”, “Somebody”, and “Make It” I was fucking hooked!! And then there were, S.O.S., and Round and Round, and… Wait… what’s my point?

Okay, let me try this again, SOMETIMES, when a new Aero song, or album comes out it takes me a bit to warm up to it. It was that way with DTL, and Pump, and Vacation, yep even GAG, and especially with Nine Lives. But I grew to love each and every one of them for what they were. I love how this band has always tried to expand their musicianship, yet stay true to who, and what they are… their sound. Each album has its own theme, its own identity and personality. Sure every once in awhile you can find a song that didn’t make into onto the cut for one album, then it makes it onto another 10 years later. The similarities are that noticeable…

So that brings me to their latest; “Music From Another Dimension”. So far I’m not loving it… Even still a year and a half later. I know, I know, hard to believe right?!?! But I am getting into some of it. I’m still playing it, waiting for it to click. So far there’s a few I like. I like “Street Jesus”, and if you’re a fan of these guys at all, it’s almost in the rules that you have to like this one! But then again, it’s really not that hard to do. It’s a pretty damn good song… Very Aero! The riff that Joe came up with on this tune is too cool too!

Believe it or not, from what I read, he came up with it almost 20 years ago. He was just fooling around on a new guitar synthesizer and it just came out. Well at least the body of it, but they didn’t have a song for it… No rhythm, no lyrics. It wasn’t ready. So although it was originally created for Get a Grip, it never made it…. Funny thing about stockpiled sessions though; sometimes you don’t know that you already used it somewhere else. Listen carefully although it IS THIS song, it’s used again in another… Hmmm, wonder where?

Back to learning to like a song or album though…
I first heard this song on A.I. (I think), and to be honest I thought it was all a lot of over done Tyler drama! Not unusual, right? I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. O kinda thought it was just a; “Hey we’re back!” But over time I searched it on YouTube, and gave it a few tries, I was absolutely NOT impressed with the very confusing video.

It’s funny how people relate things, and or events, or just images to songs they hear. Before the internet, we formed our visions or even memories around songs, I could really go on here, but you guys get the point. Whether it be cruising 4th Street in Santa Rosa to Nugent’s Stranglehold, or a party, or some event with Journey’s La Do Da, or Feeling That Way…. Poor kids these days… I’m not sure things will ever be the same. So, I’m watching a VERY confusing video, and associating a pretty good song with it. I’m sorry, but it just left a bad impression.

Then I met a fellow fan, “Melissa”… I will leave her with one name until she says differently. Melissa knows her Aerosmith! More than just stuff on Wiki, you know? Someone who really knows. She told me the history of the song, and why the video… well, sucked! So I asked her to help me. First she told me what she thought of the vid, but she really liked the song. So I listened again, a few times. These times, just the song, no video. Very different experience! I GET IT!!!!!

This is what Melissa told me, and now it all makes sense.

Well… I did find this, from Joe;
“We had this whole promotion set up with the G.I. Joe movie (number 3, with Bruce Willis and “The Rock”) , and they pulled the movie. Actually, I was in the limousine on the way to play the first single on American Idol!!! — literally, we were driving, my car was right in front of Steven’s and we were on our way to the studio to play it — and I got a phone call from Paramount and they said, ‘I got some bad news for you. We’re pulling the G.I. Joe movie for six months.’ So the whole promotion thing was pulled right out from under us, and at the same time the president of Sony went over to Universal like two weeks before the album came out. So if that isn’t a setup for a bad opening, then I don’t know what is.”

So they have this much anticipated release of the single, which by the way; is Joe’s and yes, Steven’s story of themselves. They both are the stars of the song, but again not as a duo, not as the Toxic Twins, but through Steven’s eyes and Mouth, and through Joe’s eyes and fingers…. They are on their way to show it to the world on AI; they have a video already in place around G.I. Joe, but what happens? The show must go on, right?

They put together a new video within a few hours and that was it…It was originally shot on May 3, 2012 and it was SUPPOSED TO HAVE scenes from the movie mixed in with clips of the band. So after a lot “What do we do nows?” On June 4, 2012 they shot this the final video. My impression is that it was one of those; “Do whatever the fuck you want!” decisions. Finally, on Tuesday, July 10, 2012, the music video was released via Vevo and YouTube. The video opens with a tongue-in-cheek retrospective of the group’s checkered past.

When you hear (or read the lyrics though, this is their story in about 4 minutes and 15 seconds. They do know “Jack” (Douglas) and they did a lot of recording with him producing some of the best they ever did at “The Plant”, “Mary Jane” typical Double meaning, maybe even triple here, but the reality ism Sten mentions M.J> on page 150 of DTNIMHBY. No need to spell it out. Steven mentions “Taj Mahal”, big, BIG influence on his musical awareness, and namesake of his son. He references “Toys” in the 1st two versus along with the night they were signed discovered at Max’s Kansas City, and then in the same verse recognizes 40 years later on the Idol stage. He references his own (older version) of a musical autobiography with the lyric “No Surprise”. He even calls out the people that called him names…

This song is 100% Aerosmith. It may not be in my Top 50, but then again tomorrow’s another day…

This is Legendary Child

“ ‘Cause getting from inside my head to the Taj Mahal
I went from never havin’ none to wanna have it all
I wanna keep that dream alive
And eat that honey from the hive
With all the noise and all the clamour
No surprise you know I am a… Legendary Child…”

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