Joe Perry on new Aerosmith album: ‘What’s the point?’

Joe Perry admitted he sometimes wonders if there’s any point in Aerosmith making another album, but he talked up the chances of some new songs being recorded before the band end its career.

The veteran rockers’ last LP, Music From Another Dimension!, arrived in 2012. Last year, they reported they had started tracking a new song. Band members had been discussing the value of a new album for some time.

“I don’t know if we have time to do a whole record, but Steven [Tyler] and I have talked about getting together and at least throwing some stuff out before we start up again,” Perry said in a recent interview with SiriusXM (via Blabbermouth). He reported that he and singer Tyler had both put in some studio time. “It’s really about the tempo and the schedule,” he said. “Obviously, we’ve slowed down somewhat from how we used to tour, but anything’s possible. I don’t know yet.”

The guitarist noted that no band discussions had taken place, though he felt “everybody’s vibe is we’d like to have some new material. But we’ve got so many songs that we haven’t played in so long, and other songs that we’ve never played, so there are a lot of things to come into consideration when you talk about a new record. Sometimes I think about, ‘What’s the point?’ We’ve got all these songs that we’ve already written that have been on these albums that we’d love to play that no one’s ever heard before. And I certainly love recording, and I could see it happening.”

Asked whether there was any truth to the rumor that Aerosmith could play a Las Vegas residency, Perry said the idea had been talked about, but nothing had been decided. “I imagine we’ll do it at some point,” he said.

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Joe Perry talks Aerosmith – “Getting that machine going can be really hard”

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Joe Perry – The Sweetzerland Manifesto (Album Review)

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Joe Perry on possibility of fresh music from Aerosmith: ‘It would be good to get something new out’

Joe Perry has told Yahoo! News that he would “really like to put some music together” with his AEROSMITH bandmates for a possible follow-up to 2012’s “Music from Another Dimension!” album. “Steven [Tyler, vocals] and I have talked about it in general, because we both have things going on [Tyler released a country solo album in 2016], but I think there’s some time we’ll carve in there to get together,” he said. “Even if it’s a couple of songs, it would be good to get something new out, so we’ll see.”

Perry also revealed that AEROSMITH has “used every tool available to man to figure out how to get along” and stay together, including taking part in the same type of group counseling sessions that METALLICA attended during the making of the latter band’s “Some Kind Of Monster” documentary. “That METALLICA thing that they did, it was pretty cool that they filmed it and all that, but that was like old news for us at that point,” Perry said. “Over the years, we’ve had to seek professional help. We grew up together. We were kids, had this idea to do this, and living in an apartment together. You grow up, you know. You have relationships, marriages, kids, so everybody’s interests started to spread out, but the vision of doing the band, we still feel that. But sometimes it’s really hard to reconcile people’s differences, so sometimes you’re going to talk to somebody.” He added: “We haven’t needed that for a while. We should probably be writing books on it now! But I think that’s another thing we’ve outgrown.”

“Music From Another Dimension!”, was released when AEROSMITH’s label, Columbia Records, was reportedly going through a leadership change, and it ended up becoming a commercial disappointment.

The lackluster response to the disc later caused two bandmembers — Perry and drummer Joey Kramer — to question whether there’s any point in AEROSMITH making future albums.

Perry’s new solo album, titled “Sweetzerland Manifesto”, was released on January 19.

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With a little help from his friends, Joe Perry is back with a solo album

Joe Perry isn’t quite sure how to describe his new solo LP.

“It’s kind of a modern-made classic rock record, I guess,” says Perry, chuckling.

The Aerosmith guitarist was back in town this week for an appearance at Newbury Comics promoting “Sweetzerland Manifesto,” an album he wrote and recorded while holed up at his buddy Johnny Depp’s house in LA.

Among those conscripted to play or sing on the LP — Perry’s sixth solo project — were Dean and Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots, Depp, Terry Reid, Cheap Trick’s Robin Zander, drummer Zak Starkey, and former New York Dolls frontman David Johansen.

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Joe Perry to sign copies of ‘Sweetzerland Manifesto’ at Newbury Comics

Famed Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry dropped his star-studded sixth solo album Sweetzerland Manifesto last week, and now he’s coming back to Boston to sign the shit out of it. Perry will be rolling by Newbury Comics on Newbury Street on Thursday (January 25), and the in-store starts up at 6 p.m.

Perry unveiled the record at The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles last week, leading a band that featured guitarist Dean DeLeo and bassist Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots, Aerosmith keyboardist Buck Johnson, and drummer David Goodstein. Slash and Johnny Depp also showed up on stage, while Extreme’s Gary Cherone took on vocal duties for most of the show, stepping aside for a series of frontman guests, including Terry Reid, David Johanson, Robin Zander and Chris Robinson.

Reid, Johanson, and Zander all show up on Sweetzerland Manifesto, a 10-track effort that blows any recent Steven Tyler solo project out of the water. Check out the track listing and guest collaborators below, and listen to the LP in full via Spotify.

Joe Perry, Sweetzerland Manifesto track listing
“Rumble In The Jungle” (instrumental)
“I’ll Do Happiness” (featuring Terry Reid)
“Aye, Aye, Aye” (featuring Robin Zander)
“I Wanna Roll” (featuring David Johansen)
“Sick & Tired” (featuring Terry Reid)
“Haberdasher Blues” (featuring David Johansen)
“Spanish Sushi” (instrumental)
“Eve Of Destruction” (featuring Johnny Depp on drums)
“I’m Going Crazy” (featuring David Johansen)
“Won’t Let Me Go” (featuring Terry Reid)