Aerosmith rocks Glendale, AZ

June 13, 2015 America’s greatest band started their Blue Army Tour. Here are some photos and videos from the show. Continue reading Aerosmith rocks Glendale, AZ

Number 11 – Hey Bar Keep… You Got Somethin’ I Can Wet My Whistle With?


Just 9 days away from Blue Army ecstasy in South Lake Tahoe
What better than the song that defines a whole Army?
They might just hear this one ion North Shore

Down 4 spots from 2014, but still a diamond in the Rocks!

Who in their right mind is going to take a Gene Autry Country Western Family? Folk song and turn it into, a song about visiting brothels and a special kind of prostitute? Who has the balls to do something like that!!??!! Who could, not only do that, but make it one of the biggest songs of the decade in rock n roll? Not just a big song, but an iconic song, by an iconic band, during an iconic time, when stadiums and arenas were being filled by 80,000 fans at a time, rather than the clubs and theaters of a few thousand, just a few short years prior. This was the song that was going to blow the roof off! Who could do that? How about the Toxic Twins and the L.I.-3? Five guys that pour sexuality and sexual innuendo all over the stage like fucking syrup! And all over the audience I might add, like some kind of liquid fucking dessert!

Women are going to read this and say; “That’s disgusting”. Some guys are gonna’ read this and say; “Unbelievable, I had no idea!”. Other guys are going to read this, and say; “I don’t believe he just said that!”… I’m just going to say America is the Land of Opportunity, and when the opportunity “rises” for a 16 year old boy, he’s going to go ahead and “peel off his boots and chaps”.

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