Number 43 – How Thick is Your Crust?


You can build a wall
But sooner or later somebody’s gonna’ knock it down
Hope it’s the right person…

I can vividly remember 1978 when Live Bootleg came out… WOW!!! Almost as good as being there at ‘Day On The Green’ in Oakland… wait it was better, because the album actually sounded good. I think I wore that record out in a matter of months, I know I replaced a needle or two…

There was a song on that album though, that I’d never heard before, but it sounded so much like something, I could’ve of heard off of the 1st album, or at least GYW. I have to be really honest here, there’s nothing overwhelmingly awesome about it, other than that good old late 70s Rock N Roll! It has a very basic riff, and rhythm, Hard Drum Beats, and a really strong bass line, but I don’t even think the boys would say it was one of their better songwriting accomplishments. However, Joe, Steven, and Richie put something together here, as basic as it is, that gets my Air Guitar goin’!

Perfect lyrics for Steven to sing on this one, really gets to show his range. Lyrics of desire, but desire with attitude. “It’s gonna’ happen, mark my words I’m gonna’ get to you.” Classic, raw cutting, slicing two guitar power from Brad and Joe, with a fun little piano to keep it “up”. Classic Aero!!!! Continue reading Number 43 – How Thick is Your Crust?