Number 25 – What do you do with the glass?


The dictionary defines it as:
something large enough, no matter how small, to cause a noticeable result, a noticeable reaction.

This drops 11 spots, but for those of us that have been abducted, or just afflicted, with a chip under our skin, or a rock under the nose, this one is close.

I don’t have a lot to actually say about this song other than I Love, Love, Love this one! And no, you’ll never ever hear this one live. I’m sure I may very well be alone with that sentiment, and as I’ve said before, when a person creates a list such as this, it would be easy to move songs in, and out of their spots to appease the moment. To make things even harder to justify it though, it’s not easy when the whole band trashes the record. I get it… When you relate to something, from a very bad time in your life, it’s hard to find the good. However, I do like this one right where it’s at.

There are so many bad reviews of the album and song, that at the time this one came out, it was actually hard to just let it play without some kind of preconceived opinion. It was said, not only by the critics, but also members of the band later, that it was unfinished, it was not polished. I don’t know, maybe that’s part of the attraction. It has that original raw edge. They were looking to get back to their roots, that deep blues based type of rock and roll. Personally I think they achieved it, even if they were never in the same room at the same time. This song though, doesn’t quite fit into that mold.

Easy to see the opinions, and even admission, of a drug induced state in the creation of this record, ESPECIALLY, in this song. Joe only co-wrote one song on the whole record, partly due to his own discontent, and largely in part due to his inability to get off the floor. This is NOT that song. It’s been said that it’s about a bad dream that Jack had. Jack co-wrote every song on the record, and thank god for that, because without “The 6th Man in the Band”, I’m not sure the album would have ever got finished. Continue reading Number 25 – What do you do with the glass?