Number 39 – And It’s all Got Me Feeling F.I.N.E.


You think I’m alright
Maybe quite a sight…

You know, when you make a list like this, you hear songs, or versions of songs, and you sometimes ask yourself; “Why is that song ranked so low?” “Why is that song ranked so high?” “Why isn’t that song on the list?” “Why is that song on the list?”… But this morning’s HM with “What Kind of Love are You On” was one of those questions. And then there’s more questions. As much as I love that song, and I do, I had to scratch my head and say; “Dude!” Other things that play into the placing of the songs are not just memories of concerts, or what was going on in my life when the song came out, or even what was going on in the band at the time the song came out, but visuals come to mind….

This is going to sound odd in a way, but then I never said I wasn’t that. However, strange visuals sometimes come to mind when making up a list like this. It could be something as odd as the look of an album cover. Not saying that in a bad way, but more of an ADD, ADHD kind of way. Let me explain; I’m old, well old to some, to me I’m 23, but to the world I’m more than half a century old, and I’ve played some of these songs 1000’s upon 1000’s upon 1000’s of times, and sometimes an album cover and just the name of a song precedes the actual melody. It’s as if you’ve seen the same movie over and over, and sometimes that movie might drop down, just because of how you relate to the title… Not really fair, because as bad as the title seems, I could watch Bull Durham a 1000 more times. So, to try and bring it back… when I make the list, I don’t always listen to each and every song through, because they’re in me, they’re my blood, my personality, and sometimes I just want a change, so I see an album, a song title, I know the melody, the lyrics, and I place it on the list… But over 20, 30, 40, 50 days those spots can change… but the list is done.

Then I write. I feel the songs all over again, more than the title, more than a cover, I live them again, I watch and listen to this band of mine play my favorite songs and I even ask myself; “Self, why is that one number 39?” You just have to be true to your gut… It’s a process, and if you let your ADD get in the way, the list will never be completed. It will become a project without end. So with me, my list is ever changing, just as I am. Some of you have noticed such extreme place changes from just one year’s time. How does that happen, you might ask…? Because I don’t get lost in one era, one album, I listen, I move, I reminisce, to a place in time, or I just let it take me somewhere new… Continue reading Number 39 – And It’s all Got Me Feeling F.I.N.E.