Number 55 – “Rant and Rage”

Aerosmith Performs On NBC's "Today"

Bad to the bone ain’t worth a fuck
If you’re alone because you suck

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky. I did not lie, and these allegations are false’
-Bill Clinton

Steven says; “Nine Lives was my rant, my rage”. He  also said that; “’Hole in my Soul’ puts into perspective, what it means to get laid somewhere else, besides where you should have, and how will kick back on you” “it’s often not what’s been said, but how you lived it”. He’s trying to tell the reader, that he truly sees a huge difference between “fucking, and sex”, between “making love” and “sex”. Sure ‘most’ men and women will SAY they see a difference… until the scenario enters their home. Then it’s as if all these worldly conversations never took place, men and women both. The reality is, that if you’re the one who sees a difference, where others don’t, the effects of what you just done, come down on somebody else… Truth!

”Number 56 was written by Steven, and Joe, and Glen Ballard, as were most of the songs on Nine Lives before Joe just got fed up with Glen, and booted him. The song was originally released as the first the single off the record in ’97. One those very “Aerosmith” rockin’ tunes without the metal… It has that hard-smooth, but thumping bass line, and hard hitting cans, along with a very up tempo track , which gives it mass appeal. It has a lot of the ‘GAG’ type resonance. The horns arrangement, which was actually written by Steven and David Campbell, partner perfectly with Joe’s very tight lead solos, and Tom’s bass line. Continue reading Number 55 – “Rant and Rage”