Hollywood Vampires LP Salutes Late Rock Star Party Pals

In what’s a cross between a tribute to departed musical friends and an ad hoc supergroup, Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry have spent the last three years creating an album inspired by a crew of rock star drinking pals. Titled Hollywood Vampires, the recording slated for release on September 11th features Cooper, Depp and Perry along with a Who’s Who of guest singers and players: Perry Farrell, Dave Grohl, Sir Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, Slash, Robbie Krieger, Zak Starkey, Brian Johnson and Kip Winger, to name some but hardly all. They offer takes on songs associated with their fallen pals and musical heroes sandwiched between new original tunes that explain the Hollywood Vampires legend.

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Joe Perry’s Paul McCartney Question

It almost sounds like I’m setting you up for a joke. Joe Perry and Paul McCartney meet up at a recording studio to drop some tracks with Alice Cooper’s Hollywood Vampires. Joe turns to McCartney and says…. Joe talks about it… Hollywood Vampires new album drops September 11th

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Joe Perry, Alice Cooper Contemplate Hollywood Vampires Shows

Not that anyone asked us, but we think they should do it.

Call them the best bar band on the planet, even though they could probably play large theaters, or even arenas just based on their lineup.
The core of the semi-newly-formed Hollywood Vampires—guitarist Joe Perry of Aerosmith, frontman Alice Cooper and guitarist Johnny Depp (formerly of the Kids, also formerly of a band known only as P)—are all guys with large fanbases, to say the least. And after they release their self-titled debut (due out September 11), their first two gigs will be at a relatively small joint, the Roxy on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles on September 16 and 17. After that, they only have one other scheduled concert, which is a considerably larger one: they’re playing the Rock in Rio Festival in Brazil on September 24. For live shows, the band’s lineup will also feature Guns N Roses/Velvet Revolver members Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum.
Of course, only a lucky few will get into the Roxy shows, and most Americans aren’t able to make the trip to Rio for a rock festival. So will there be other opportunities in the future to see this supergroup? Continue reading Joe Perry, Alice Cooper Contemplate Hollywood Vampires Shows

Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Refutes Deflategate, Says Tom Brady Is ‘Best Quarterback in the League’

Aerosmith will be ending its summer “Blue Army Tour” with a touchdown this weekend.

The Boston rockers will play the first-ever Concert For Legends as part of the 2015 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival on Friday, Aug. 7 in Canton, Ohio, the night before the shrine’s class of 2015 is inducted. “I consider every gig we play a special gig, because after doing this for 45 years you kinda go, ‘Well, how many more gigs do we have in us?'” guitarist Joe Perry tells Billboard. “But any time there’s something like this, that raises it above, it’s great. There’s a first involved, and we’re gonna get to meet some guys that I’ve looked up to and admired over the years. That’s a pretty amazing thing, and it’s one of the benefits of being in a band like this.” Continue reading Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Refutes Deflategate, Says Tom Brady Is ‘Best Quarterback in the League’

Joe Perry Talks Future of Hollywood Vampires

With the long-awaited Hollywood Vampires all-star project now announced for a September 11 release, the collective will be getting together later this month to begin rehearsals for three planned live shows — and more if Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry has his way.The group, spearheaded by Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp, will perform September 24 at the Rock In Rio festival in Brazil, while Perry tells us that there will be two other shows — most likely warm-up dates at the Roxy in Los Angeles. But Perry, who plays on four of the albums 14 tracks, adds that he’s hoping that will be just the beginning:

Joe Perry Talks Future of Hollywood Vampires

Joe Perry Talks Future of Hollywood Vampires     

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry Jam With Rock Royalty

The star-studded debut album by Hollywood Vampires – the mega-rock triumvirate of Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper and Joe Perry – now has a release date. The self-titled record, which features appearances by Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Slash, Joe Walsh, AC/DC’s Brian Johnson, late horror acting icon Christopher Lee and Doors guitarist Robby Krieger, among others, will be released on September 11th.

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Alice Cooper Says New Covers Album is “Mixed, Ready to Go”

Alice Cooper’s new star-studded covers album is finished and in the can. Speaking with Billboard.com, the veteran shock rocker said he’s “very, very happy” with the disc, which features an A-list of Cooper’s musician pals. “McCartney’s on it,” he says. “Zak Starkey’s on it. Dave Grohl is on it, [AC/DC frontman] Brian Johnson–and in places where you wouldn’t expect them to be. That’s the cool thing.” Other confirmed guests include Joe Perry and musician-actor Johnny Depp. A primary goal, says Cooper, was to pay tribute to the “Hollywood Vampires,” friends with whom he shared wild times in the early ’70s. Cooper declined to specify which songs he covered, but he did offer some tantalizing hints. “If you think of it, who were the Hollywood Vampires?” he says. “John Lennon was there. Jim Morrison was an early Vampire. We had Jimi Hendrix, Keith Moon, of course, Harry Nilsson, Marc Bolan. Those guys were all Vampires.”

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