Johnny Depp’s Rock Supergroup: Alice Cooper and Joe Perry on Hollywood Vampires

Hollywood Vampires is a group of rock legends—with Johnny Depp on guitar—that pay tribute to their fallen hard-partying friends through rock ’n’ roll.

We’re doing a Pink Floyd song today that I don’t know at all, ‘Welcome to the Machine,’” Alice Cooper tells me almost immediately after we say hello, with a hint of fear in his voice. “They’re doing some kind of a tribute album and they said, ‘We want you to do this song,’ and I’m thinking, ‘The timing on these lyrics is so wacky and the melody line just kind of lays there,’ and the more I listened to it the more worried I got. So this is going to be a nightmare today.”

When I tell Cooper that it took Pink Floyd friend Roy Harper to nail the vocal he’s instantly relieved. “Oh, good! Honestly that makes me feel better,” Cooper says, loosening up visibly. “Now I can walk in and feel OK. I have so little ammunition.”

Cooper is in New York with Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry to promote their new album, Hollywood Vampires, named for the legendary mid-’70s Los Angeles nightly drinking club that included Cooper, John Lennon, Keith Moon, Bernie Taupin, Harry Nilsson, and “just about anyone who was in town who could seriously drink,” according to Cooper. The album is made up of a fistful of song covers, many completely reimagined by some of the original Hollywood Vampires, as well as two original songs by Cooper that pay a more personal tribute.

Paul McCartney leads the Vampires in a rousing rendition of “Come and Get It,” the peerless tune he gave away to Badfinger for the band’s first hit, and fellow Vampire Johnny Depp plays scorching guitar throughout.  Continue reading Johnny Depp’s Rock Supergroup: Alice Cooper and Joe Perry on Hollywood Vampires

Number 30 – Can You Feel His Disease?


Garage Band huh?
Hey, do you guys know this song?

Down 6 spots, but still in my Top 30!

We were America’s band”… “We were the garage band that made it really big – the ultimate party band.”
-Joe Perry

What does a garage band do? They play other people’s songs, right? What if the song they cover, is one of the most favored, and well known songs written by one of the most beloved bands in the history of Rock n Roll? What if they do it better than that band? Are they still a “Garage Band”. Well, if you were to ask Joe, he might say “yes”.

Inside this countdown, I’ve mentioned a few times how this band covers songs, not just to do them, but to own them.

Joe has often said that “Aerosmith is the world’s biggest Garage Band”. Maybe that’s why I like them so much. They still have fun like they’re in the gym at Nipmuc High School in Mendon, Mass. They had me from the start with covers like “Walkin’ the Dog”, and “Rattlesnake Shake”, “Big Ten Inch”, and even “Train”, not to mention the whole frickin’ “Bobo” thing later in life. When the movie came out in 1978, and it was said that Aerosmith would have a monumental role in the film, I was totally beside myself! I mean as a 15 year old kid, who would rather stay home to catch them on the Midnight Special, than going out to a party, I was psyched, to say the least! As a boy who loved the girls, and the boy the girls loved to love, you might think the boy is strange when he would plan a weekend around seeing these guys on TV, which was not all that often by the way, rather than… well, you know, let’s just say I was hooked! Continue reading Number 30 – Can You Feel His Disease?