Number 35 – This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Blues!


I’m feeling comfortable on the front porch….
Just me and my harmonica…

This one drops 29 spots from last year, and I might just be scratching my head on the reasons why? But as I’ve said many times now, when you make up a list like this, over 2 months ago now, things change,…
Which is why it dropped, right?

Love this song, and I love the way boys do it!
Elvis has definitely left the building, and Aerosmith walked in!

What were Kokomo Arnold, Sleepy John Estes, Muddy Waters, Elvis, Eddie Cochrane, and even Tim McGraw really trying to say? I’m thinkin’ there was a lot being said, that just wasn’t being said on the original version. Great song, but damn it didn’t make a lot of sense, start to finish.

A lot like the song “Come Together”, the boys didn’t come in and try to cover a Beatles song. They came in and recognized the song was written for Aerosmith to play, simple as that. They realized it truly was an Aerosmith song. They didn’t change it all that much, they just Aerosmith’ed it up! This song is similar in that fashion. Elvis, Nugent, and others have done the song. It just took a group like Aerosmith, and a vocalist like Tyler to make it completely their own. Continue reading Number 35 – This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Blues!