How to play guitar like Joe Perry

Master the Aerosmith legend’s solo swagger

Joe Perry is an old-school Beatles/Stones-style rock ‘n’ roll guitarist with a loose improvisational style based around major/minor pentatonic and Mixolydian scales.

He once said that he “doesn’t want to play in an Aerosmith tribute band”, alluding to his freestyle, no-rules approach, and how he rarely plays a song the same way twice. He even switches between guitars and different amp and effect combinations depending on his mood on the night.

Joe’s rhythm style includes open chords ornamented with hammer-ons and pull-offs, as heard in the memorable Livin’ On The Edge intro riff, while his minor pentatonic/blues scale riffing adds the all important grease and sleaze to tracks such as Love In An Elevator and the drop D-tuned Just Push Play.

Perry also reveals his country influences on tracks like Hangman Jury, where he plays skilful slide licks on a lap steel guitar. The following examples give you a taste of Perry’s trademark riffing style, his country-influenced slide lines and a classic pentatonic rock lead lick. Continue reading How to play guitar like Joe Perry

Joe Perry on a career in guitars

Six-string memories from the Aerosmith icon

Joe Perry

Joe Perry onstage at Moscow’s Olympiysky Sports Complex

Over four decades in the making, Joe Perry’s memoir chronicles the life of a man known for his bluesy riffs and hard living as part of one of America’s most successful groups of all time.

Rocks: My Life In And Out Of Aerosmith offers a no-nonsense look at the rollercoaster ride of his band’s 45-year history. And after surviving the press blitz for Rocks, Perry is more than happy to oblige when we ask to dig into his love of guitars… Continue reading Joe Perry on a career in guitars