Number 40- What Do You Call Pleasure?


Believe it or not, this one actually slipped 8 spots…
How does a song THIS FUCKING GOOD slip 8 spots?

And when I write and listen to it, I ask myself; “Self, how the hell did that happen?’
What does that say about what’s still to come?
What does it say about the dude that created the list?
Maybe he’s fucking nuts?!?
Maybe he has no clue.
Maybe there actually are 39 songs that are better?!?
The truth is, this song can easily be in someone else’s Top 10 any day of the week, including mine, except today…

It’s kind of ironic in a way that the album Steven had the hardest time writing lyrics to, would turn out to be their best selling album of their careers. “Toys In The Attic” has sold over 8 million copies since its release. Though mostly known, and even purchased for “Walk This Way”, “Sweet Emotion”, and even the title track, it’s my opinion this album’s heavy following comes from the “body” of the record. With songs like ‘Uncle Salty’, ‘Adam’s Apple’, and ‘Round and Round’, it’s songs like these that give the record its depth.

As I’ve said before though, these guys write about what they know. For example, if ‘Sweet Emotion’ is an expression of the tension and hatred between the band members, (specifically Steven) and Elyssa Perry, then this song is an expression of Steven’s love, and hate relationship with becoming the Rock Star he was destined to be. Steven is a guy, who truly was just the kid next door, but at the same time, larger than life. He has both relished in his fame, and he has also, not only been frightened by it, but also been a victim of it. Continue reading Number 40- What Do You Call Pleasure?