Number 28 – How do you Keep the Blues away?

Mike 2204 (4)

Did you hear the starter’s gun?

Down 20 spots from last year, but still worthy of a Top 30 spot!

If “Sweet Emotion” was a peek into the toxicity of the band, and the book,  “Walk This Way’ was an 500 page autobiography of the first 25 years, then  this song might just might be a 4 minute 22 second biography of how it all started, along with some of the characters involved.

What’s in a name? Night in the Ruts / Right in the Nuts, notable bit of trivia here; this was the original intended name for their 2nd album “Get Your Wings”. With the eminent failure of both the (7th) album, and then the band, maybe it’s best that they decided on the latter for the name of the 2nd album. I mean, with the already lackluster performance and support from their label, of their eponymous debut album, maybe it was best that they chose a different name for the second, and waited until the 6th studio record for this. We might not have ever had a “Toys”, or “Rocks”, or even “Draw the Line”, that is, if you believe in that kind of thing.. You know… superstition. Or maybe it just wasn’t as good as it could have been because of the previous 6 years. Personally I think “Ruts” got a bad rap, but then again, that’s just me.

Yeah sure, there are some less than desirable takes on it, but is there an album out there that doesn’t have at least one bomb? Whoops, maybe I shouldn’t say that, there was “Toys”, and “Rocks”, and there was this small British band called the Beatles, but you see my point. The album was pretty much squashed before it hit the record stores, with Joe leaving midway through production, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Continue reading Number 28 – How do you Keep the Blues away?