Number 7 – It’s Dark Down There…

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Sometimes I feel like I’m goin’ insane,
and everthing’s forgotten
But then I remember, it’s Really cozy…

When you come up with an album like Toys, an album that produces even more success than anyone could’ve ever dreamed of having in their Junior year, how do you follow that up?

You’ve written about everything from drugs, to talking to yourself, to bad relationships, to voices in your head, how seasons change, to sex, and more drugs, to floatin’ down a stream ‘n losin’ touch with all that’s real, to making it, to one way streets, and more sex…. and more drugs, and more sex! Where do you go? How do you keep the fans’ interest in who you are? How do you show them what you’re about?

You keep it honest. Don’t fuckin’ sugar coat it!


This album was the shadow of its predecessor, and this song was an even darker shadow of that album’s title track. If Steven was able to keep the band slowing it down on Toys for effect, Joe and Brad were able to slam it home faster and louder on Rocks. This album show’s the world that this is not just Steven’s band, but in fact the founder has something pretty fucking loud to say!

There’s another driving force in this band, and he’s gonna drive it all the way home. The record is a constant display of power and extreme, to Joe’s vigor for loud and fast. Even the most inexperienced Aero fan would have a hard time not agreeing that this was the band’s most defining album of their 40+ year career. Every song, every chord, every lyric screams AEROSMITH!!!

The success of the album on the backside of Toys, launched the band into a Super Stardom that most people, including themselves, would probably say they weren’t ready for. The Rocks album was a confluence of hard, road battered, but not weary band members, ready to take their idea of Rock n Roll to a level above what was currently being played in arenas around the country. It was in the same vein as Nugent, but with sensibility, it was Blues based Rock n Roll similar to AC/DC, but with way more complexity. Yes, there were many metal bands by now, and many bands, who played some loud rock n roll, but these guys were looking for a melody, and lyrical story telling, that actually made someone want to hear the story, but at the same time, taking that melody to the extreme.



Aerosmith wanted music with substance, more than a song about a city that rocks, or about a gun that shoots love. They wanted it, at a pace not previously done. They were going to, not only spell it out for you, they were also gonna’ let you feel what was going through the veins of this band. They took the fluidity in sound of “Toys” and turned up the speed about 10 notches. As Tom says; “Taking this thing the Yardbirds created, and making it balls to the wall!”

The 1st time I saw this song live… heard it live, I knew I had been rocked like never before. There was no turning back! 1978 almost 40 years ago to the day I wrote this, July 23, 1978 14 fucking years old! Holy frickin’ wow!



Joe has often said that this song is one of his all time favorites to play live. Inspired by the death of one their closest drug dealers and friend of the time, they take you into an underworld, that most people would have a hard time imagining that people so famous could actually be part of. You would think they would have someone, or some people to go down in the deep. Given what I DO know about their road, it truly is hard to believe they made it past the same types of vices that took down such talents as Randy Rhodes, or GNR, or the Crue, or Jimi, and Curt Cobain, and many, many more.

This song takes you “down there”, underneath the stairs, where the old needles and broken syringes lay, where the junkie’s wondering if he’s still alive, and if he is, who will find him?… he Hopes it will be someone with his next hit. While the song celebrates their friend’s life of wild abandon in one breath, it also desecrates the life of the underside, the underbelly. It shows you, eyes wide open, that the only way to go from there… is down.

This is Ellis & Leavenworth, Eddy & Jones, 1975, San Francisco Tenderloin District. It’s Hell’s Kitchen, and every other street dope neighborhood in the country. You pick the city…

There’s no light down there.



There used to be a saying back in the day,  back when you wondered if Steven would fall off the stage, or Joe would even play something you could follow, that if you heard this song in concert, you got your money’s worth, no matter how much the tickets cost. Well, the tables have turned, them and those days have parted… But when they later wrote about a “love that was the killin’ kind”, don’t kid yourself that it might’ve been about some hot chick. No, you can drop that shit right where you got it.

The love they’re talkin’ about was the love of what could not be resisted… I think we all know that here and well.  As I said; these guys climbed out, and man they will put on a show that will leave you mesmerized. Every note, every chord, every step is as good as it gets! So good you need to make sure that your kids see this! It’s that important! It’s that good!

The song deserves so much more, than what I’ve written here. It is that worthy, It is that good! It’s Blue Army through and through! It’s fast, it’s furious! It’s exciting and it’s a tempest in sound! It’s deserved of a Top 10. I can’t think of anything better than to give it, its due respect.



My daughter Natalie saw her first concert when she was 7 years old… and then her first Aerosmith show, at 18 years old. She will not soon forget, what it was like to be Professionally Rocked! As easy to forget as the Back Street Boys were, Aerosmith will be easy to remember.

Mary and I raised all our girls on every record. They know, and actually like every lyric, and they get it too. Wouldn’t that be cool, if this one was pulled out of that box down in the cellar for just one more show?… Now where’s that key?

I give you the darker side of your house. We all may have noises in our attics sometimes, but what’s lurking in your cellar?

This is; “Rats” people!

“Surely what a man does when he is taken off his guard is the best evidence for what sort of man he is…If there are rats in a cellar, you are most likely to see them if you go in very suddenly. But the suddenness does not create the rats: it only prevents them from hiding. In the same way, the suddenness of the provocation does not make me an ill-tempered man: it only shows me what an ill-tempered man I am…Apparently the rats of resentment and vindictiveness are always there in the cellar of my soul.”
-C.S. Lewis



“2 – 4
Feelin’ cozy rats are in the cellar
Cheeks are rosy skin’s turning yellar
Loose and soggy lookin’ rather lazy
Soon my body pushin’ up the daisies…”

The first video is from ’01; My favorite
The 2nd is described as “The Coolest”…
No argument from me….