Hollywood Vampires Rise from the Dead (The Interview)

Forget today’s rock and roll hell-raisers, there was some real dastardly rock and roll debauchery happening in Hollywood in the mid ‘70s with a little-known bunch of music hooligans called “The Hollywood Vampires” who used Hollywood’s Rainbow Bar & Grill as their club house.

This ad hoc assemblage included president Alice Cooper, Vice President Keith Moon, and treasurer Bernie Taupin along with the likes of John Lennon, Harry Nilsson and the MonkeesMicky Dolenz, among others. And while many of the key Vampires have passed on, Alice Cooper has brought them back from the dead in a new musical conglomeration not surprisingly dubbed The Hollywood Vampires.

And while those booze-guzzling days of yore are long gone, the spitfire attitude and revelry still endures in this new project. Joining Alice in the revived Hollywood Vampires are famed Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry and Johnny Depp, actor by day, occasional rock by night. Produced by Bob Ezrin (Alice Cooper/KISS/Pink Floyd) the album features two new originals, All My Dead Drunk Friends and Raise the Dead alongside revved-up machine gun slammin’ reinventions of ‘70s classics from Vampire brethren, John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, the Who, T.Rex, the Doors, Led Zeppelin and others.

A dazzling array of special guests abound with the likes of Paul McCartney, AC/DC’s Brian Johnson, Slash, Dave Grohl and Robby Krieger of the Doors joining in on the festivities.

Enjoy our chat with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry about this fun new venture. Continue reading Hollywood Vampires Rise from the Dead (The Interview)

Joe Perry for Rock Cellar Magazine

Rocks: My Life in and Out ROCKS Cover NY Times Best Sellerof Aerosmith, the name of Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry’s new book  is a play on the band’s classic ‘70s album which spawned such classic tracks as Back in the Saddle, Last Child and Combination.

But it also serves to express how the musical community views this seasoned rock and roll star. Quite simple, Joe Perry epitomizes the word rocks. Continue reading Joe Perry for Rock Cellar Magazine