Aerosmith interview: the truth about the chaos, the coke, and the cleaning up

In 2002, Ben Mitchell spoke to Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. In this no-holds-barred Q&A, which remained unpublished for many years, he tries to get to the bottom of the many myths and salacious stories surrounding the band.

Is it true that you once opened a show with the song that you usually played last, thought that you’d finished and walked off?

Steven Tyler: No. What we have done is played the same song twice in a show. It didn’t happen very often, but this was the early days

You played the same song twice in a row?

ST: Oh no, that would have made us blithering idiots. We were just drug addicts.

Joe Perry: We probably went on without a setlist because we were late and just muddled through.

Steven, were you aware there was a rumour that you and Joey [Kramer, Aerosmith drummer] were gay when Aerosmith were starting out? Continue reading Aerosmith interview: the truth about the chaos, the coke, and the cleaning up

The Real Story Behind Aerosmith’s ‘Rocks’

Aerosmith’s Rocks turned 40 this year, but neither guitarists Joe Perry nor Brad Whitford think that the record shows one bit of age. “You put it on and you can still feel the excitement we had when we made it,” says Perry. “Everything was clicking for us. We had been working hard and were rising through the ranks, and we were really feeling it. I think that shows in those tracks.”

“It doesn’t feel like 40 years since we put it out,” says Whitford. “I think you could put ‘Rocks’ on right now next to just about any current record, and you wouldn’t know there was four decades between them. It’s an honest record. I think that came through then, and it still comes through now.”

‘Rocks’ marked a chart high-water mark for Aerosmith in the ’70s, hitting number three on the Billboard Top 200 and establishing the Boston-based band as the premier American hard rock attraction of the era. Perry and Whitford sat down with Music Aficionado to reflect on the hectic pace that surrounded the making of the iconic disc and its enduring legacy. Continue reading The Real Story Behind Aerosmith’s ‘Rocks’