Number 54 – Careful Wit’ Those South Side Ladies

Mike 2204 (7)

Just a great song
Same day…
Different shit

This one actually climbed 4 spots from last year. Funny how these songs tend to come back around, and hit me again for the 1st time.

I can’t make this shit up, so I won’t. I’ll keep it brief and straight from the hip.

Typical of the Toxic Twins before they were toxic, the two would get together and come up with a song within minutes. Yep, that quick!… This one is the “same”… Joe sits down picks and slides a riff, and Steven says; “What was that, do that again”.., he scats, and that is that. A song is born. The song was consummated, and born within minutes.

As the story goes; while they were living on Beacon St., hangin’ out, Joe discovered the opening riff. He was still sitting on the amp playing with it, when Steven walked up and just started scatting some random words and sounds right in tune with his riff. Brad joins in with that dueling lead that is so  AEROSMITH… That alone can, and maybe is, the key to this band… Two guitarists perfectly understanding each other, two people in perfect conversation with instruments, as if it’s orchestrated naturally, without a plan. They read each other, and then a singer with a perfect voice, who sings in perfect tune with guitar… Throw in some horns, and Wah La!… Absolutely amazing! Continue reading Number 54 – Careful Wit’ Those South Side Ladies